MOU Signed with Leading Manufacturer CASwell Inc



  • Quantify signs Memorandum of Understanding with leading Taiwanese manufacturer, CASwell Inc.
  • Companies to jointly develop processes to undertake the volume manufacture of Quantify’s product suite.
  • MOU includes CASwell Inc, Advanio and other affiliated companies that are part of the Foxconn Technology Group.
  • CASwell Inc. is a Taiwanese Exchange-listed company, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group (“Foxconn”), through its holding in Ennocomm Corp. Foxconn has a market capitalisation of US$20B. 

Quantify Technology Holdings Limited (“Quantify Technology”, the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with CASwell Inc (“CASwell”) to develop processes for the volume manufacture of the Company’s products. Quantify will further seek to appoint CASwell, and other affiliated companies that are part of the Foxconn Technology Group, to manufacture Quantify Technology’s product suite for the Australian and International markets.

A key part of the Company’s commercialisation strategy has been to source a manufacturing partner that can scale as demand grows both in Australia and internationally. This MOU represents an important step for Quantify to further the commercialisation strategy.

Quantify’s product suite represents a useful addition to CASwell ’s portfolio. CASwell, through its own businesses, and through its associate companies Ennoconn Corporation and Foxconn  Technology Group, is uniquely placed to accelerate Quantify’s commercialisation strategy. The MOU contemplates other partnership opportunities including development of a distribution channel for Quantify’s products in Taiwan and mainland China.

Quantify Technology CEO Brett Savill Commented, “After an assessment of CASwell’s manufacturing and  other capabilities, we believe they will make a great partner. We believe that CASwell and their affiliated companies can help Quantify scale internationally and I am excited to see this relationship flourish.”

About CASwell Inc.
CASwell is listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange and has offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. CASwell was founded in 2007 and provides design, engineering and manufacturing services. In December 2014, CAS well formally joined the world’s largest manufacturing power, Foxconn Technology Group, after being acquired by its subsidiary, Ennoconn Corporation. Foxconn is renowned for its manufacturing capability, cost-efficiency, and superior quality, while Caswell features a wealth of domain know-how in embedded computing, customer-oriented services, speedy & flexible hardware/software integrating abilities.

About Quantify Technology
Quantify Technology is an Australian-based pioneer of Truly Intelligent Buildings technology. The Company has created simple to install, affordable Internet of Things devices that encourage wide -scale adoption of Internet of Things solutions.

Quantify technology’s commercial product known as the Q Device replaces standard power outlets and light switches in commercial and residential structures . Due to using standard wired Alternating Current (AC) wiring, it can be easily retrofitted without re-cabling in existing buildings.

The Q Device replaces AC light switches/dimmers and power outlets with an intelligent, network-connected framework to provide energy management and reporting, voice-enabled control and interaction, and real-time evaluation of environmental and risk factors for building occupants. This enables the delivery of the Company’s vision of Truly Intelligent Buildings, with a goal to deploying the offering globally.


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