NetFoundry & BalanceOn Partner to Implement Solutions in Support of Businesses in the Middle East & Africa


NetFoundry has announced its partnership with BalanceOn to bring networking that is beyond next generation to the Middle East and Africa region. Their focus on providing game-changing, smart connectivity solutions that is instant, simple, secure, cost-sensitive, and performant for their customers to become cloud-native and digital.

BalanceOn has found that many customers face business challenges due to connectivity and connecting distributed apps synonymous with digital transformation – e.g. multi, hybrid and cloud-native apps, internet-distributed apps (IoT) and B2B or connected supply chain. The problem is that while legacy networking is fine for legacy use cases, it was not built to effectively deliver these “agile” applications across “hybrid” topologies. Legacy WAN and internet for distributed apps blocks innovation and the business benefits from a variety of issues including long timelines to implement, proprietory hardware, complex and error-prone architectures, compromised performance, increased ‘attack surfaces’ and risk, incompatible with DevOps and “infrastructure as code” as well as potentially higher than expected costs.

BalanceOn is committed to answer their customers’ business needs via their partnership with NetFoundry. The combination of BalanceOn and NetFoundry pairs a leader in the design and delivery of connectivity and managed services with the leader in app-specific, connectivity-as-code. This enables BalanceOn’s existing and future customers to benefit from being able to instantly spin up software-only overlay connectivity on existing Internet access which is cloud-nativehighly secure, and meets enterprise performance requirements by optimising traffic through the NetFoundry fabric which comes via 3 offerings; AnyCloudOn, AnyIoTOn, & AnyBusinessOn.

“BalanceOn immediately saw that changing application paradigm was a great opportunity to develop smart-connectivity services, using NetFoundry, which are compatible to the cloud journeys their customers are taking while enabling these businesses to be highly secure and deliver the enterprise performance their apps require – which can be a challenge in the territories that they operate. Together we are bringing a leap in connectivity, security and technology across the Middle East and Africa” Michael Kochanik, Global Head of Revenue and Alliances at NetFoundry.

“We believe NetFoundry is a game-changing when it comes to how secure network connectivity is built, managed and operated; it is the only technology that can enable the customer to immediately and programmatically put together a complex network which delviers to their business use case across any device, cloud, site or end user across the globe. We are committed to bringing value to our region by bringing this technology to fundamentally change their business for the better” Hani Iskandarani, Managing Director for BalanceOn.

About NetFoundry
NetFoundry is the leader in Application Specific Networking, enabling businesses to instantly connect distributed applications in any cloud, on any device, anywhere with unprecedented simplicity. The NetFoundry platform enables businesses to securely and reliably connect applications without the constraints of VPNs, custom hardware and private circuits. NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore.

Twitter: @NetFoundry

About BalanceOn
BalanceOn Technologies is your differentiated IT service partner. We provide next generation solutions in connectivity, cyber security and Value Added Services across the METNA region.

Twitter: @BalanceonT


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