Secureworks to make proprietary Red Cloak Behavioural Analytics more widely available in the marketplace through partner program


Secureworks has announced that it will partner with other security solution providers to apply its Red Cloak™ behavioural analytics in their customers’ environments. Secureworks’ decision to decouple its proprietary analytics offering from its endpoint agent will make the company’s high-fidelity detection and threat hunting capabilities available more broadly in the marketplace, while also giving clients the freedom to choose endpoint security products that best meet their needs.

Secureworks threat hunters and incident responders developed Red Cloak in 2010 when they were unable to find adequate tradecraft for analysing threat actor behaviour and intent. Secureworks has since deployed Red Cloak in thousands of response and hunting engagements around the globe and also applies the analytics as part of the company’s managed detection and response offerings.

With the launch of its Red Cloak™ Partner Program, Secureworks will engage in a more transparent exchange of raw data with participating vendors. This collaboration will generate the necessary level of telemetry that Secureworks analysts require to apply Red Cloak behavioural analytics effectively and generate best possible outcomes for the client. When a partner’s solution is coupled with Secureworks telemetry and intelligence, clients can expect:

  • a comprehensive view of threat actor activity in their environment,
  • better context for validating and remediating threats,
  • new countermeasures as vendors share a broader range of threat detection and response data and
  • the option to conduct threat hunting searches.

“As an industry leader, we are launching this program to foster more cooperation and transparency in the security market and help clients detect advanced threats,” says Michael Cote, Secureworks President and CEO. “The Red Cloak Partner program enables Secureworks to apply its intelligence and threat hunting capabilities to the client’s choice of best-in-breed security tools.”

“In the majority of incident response engagements, we discover that the organisation lacks enough visibility to accurately identify malicious activity,” said Barry Hensley, Chief Threat Intelligence Officer at Secureworks. “Secureworks’ advanced analytics engine leverages our deep understanding of threat behaviour to detect adversaries who are using complex techniques to elude an organisation’s security controls. When Red Cloak is deployed, clients can rapidly focus precious resources on the right priorities versus getting lost in a maze of forensics activity.”

As a market leader in both Managed Security Services (MSS) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Secureworks invests heavily in developing counter threat intelligence and platforms that provide earlier warning of hidden intruders. Secureworks is vetting prospective partners now and invites other providers to inquire.

About Secureworks
Secureworks® (NASDAQ: SCWX) is a leading global cybersecurity company that protects organisations in a digitally connected world. We close gaps in security layers with a Defense-in-Concert that combines visibility from thousands of clients, the machine learning capability of our industry-leading Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ and actionable insights from our team of elite researchers, analysts and consultants to create a network effect of increasingly strong protection for our clients. By aggregating and analysing data from any source, anywhere, we prevent security breaches, detect malicious activity in real time, respond rapidly, and predict emerging threats. We offer our clients a cyber-defence that is Collectively Smarter. Exponentially Safer.™


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