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Event: 2015 Big Data & Analytics
Date: 16-18 February 2015
Venue: Dubai, UAE

Big Data is the new currency of the future. With the advent of technological advancement, the amount of data in today’s cyber space is exponentially increasing at a rate that is rapidly becoming more unmanageable. This exponential increase of data in large sets – called big data is seen as the driving force that fuels the future of businesses across all industry verticals. Leaders in every sector will have to take on the race to unlock the significant value of data abundance and use it as key indicators for market competition, productivity growth and innovation.

The need to effectively manage and secure big data is a growing concern and of interest lately, making it essential for industry leaders and data experts to address through industry-specific solutions and discussions by means of interactive platforms in order to transform it into actionable insights. The 2015 Big Data & Analytics taking place on 16-18 February in Dubai, UAE will bring out issues surrounding data governance and analytics to provide real actionable solutions to the challenges and initiate drive to effectively manage data resources.



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