Advent One Adds Another Layer 8 to its Network


Advent One has announced it has acquired Layer 8 Networks.

Layer 8 Networks, founded by Ben Brockliss and Matthew Pook, commenced in 2017, and had partnered often with Advent One on multiple enterprise-sized engagements, providing networking support to the infrastructure and cloud teams at Advent One.

Advent One’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Ossip, said the Layer 8 Networks acquisition enhances Advent One’s ability to fulfill all technology needs of their customers.

“Our vision is to be a leader of hybrid cloud provisioning which includes having expertise across infrastructure, automation, cloud architecture and network security,” he said.

“Network architecture and a resilient network security infrastructure is the backbone of high-performing hybrid cloud environments. As technology changes, and the cybersecurity threat surface expands, organisations will become increasingly reliant on their hybrid cloud environments to enable them to scale in a safe and secure way. As the backbone, the network and its security then become a critical area of importance and innovation.”

“We started Layer 8 Networks with a focus on what we’re good at – network security. Joining Advent One gives us better coverage across cloud, infrastructure, and hybrid cloud services without having to pivot our commercial direction,” comments Ben Brockliss, Director at Layer 8 Networks.

“Over the years we have developed several joint customers with Advent One, and we have complemented each other well. Our cultural values align, and we both have a strong ethos of delivering quality work in good time. Our potential together is very exciting,” he says.

“The esteem in which the Layer 8 Networks team are held, and how highly regarded they are by the quality of their delivery and networking expertise, is very respected by us here at Advent One. Our focus on team culture, great people and delivering robust solutions to solve customer problems means we have a strong cultural alignment with the Layer 8 Networks team, and we’re excited to deliver great quality work that we can hang our reputation on,” concludes Ossip.


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