AWS announces general availability of Amazon DevOps Guru – Atlassian one of the first to sign up


Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), has opened Amazon DevOps Guru for general availability. The fully managed operations service uses machine learning to make it easier for developers to improve application availability by automatically detecting operational issues and recommending specific actions for remediation. The ML automatically analyzes data like application metrics, logs, events, and traces for behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns. When Amazon DevOps Guru identifies anomalous application behavior that could cause potential outages or service disruptions, it alerts developers with issue details to help them quickly understand the potential impact and likely causes of the issue, with specific recommendations for remediation. Developers can use remediation suggestions from Amazon DevOps Guru to reduce time to resolution when issues arise and improve application availability—all with no manual setup or machine learning expertise required. There are no upfront costs or commitments with Amazon DevOps Guru, and customers pay only for the data Amazon DevOps Guru analyzes. To get started with Amazon DevOps Guru, visit:

Teams at more than 194,000 companies rely on Atlassian products to make teamwork easier, and help them organize, discuss, and complete their work. “Atlassian is excited that our customers are implementing an AIOps strategy using Amazon DevOps Guru to manage the operational performance of their cloud applications,” said Emel Dogrusoz, Head of Product at Opsgenie. “With our new Opsgenie and Jira Service Management integration, the right teams are notified the instant Amazon DevOps Guru discovers a potential issue and prioritizes it by the severity of the incident using machine learning (ML). This integration ensures that every team can quickly respond to, resolve using ML-powered recommendations, and learn from every incident.”


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