Beyond Security Launches Smallest Appliance in Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing


Beyond Security LogoBeyond Security Asia has announced the release and availability of a small portable appliance, 7″x7″x2″, known as the Automated Vulnerability Detection System (AVDS) used for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Penetration testing or Pen testing for short, is a direct assessment of the security of a computer system or network. Its goal is to find evidence of insecurity, typically taking the form of exploitable vulnerabilities.  Pen testing is a ‘Black hat’ activity for the good purpose of finding security defects prior to deployment and post deployment of computer systems and networks. Vulnerability assessment goals are to evaluate an organisation true security posture and to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible with prioritizations and recommended remediation actions on each.

AVDS is used by Pen-testers, IT administrators, Managed Security Service providers, Governance and IT Audit Committee personnel from organizations such as banks, universities, government, government agencies, small, medium and large enterprises for pen-testing and/or vulnerability assessment.

AVDS simulates attacks from a hacker on an organization’s computer networks and is highly rated as an accurate vulnerability assessment and management (VA/VM) tool with false positive rate of <0.01%.  This is possible due to Beyond Security’s years of research into known and unknown vulnerabilities and its approach to adopt not just Banner Analysis but also non-intrusive detection mechanisms such as Behavioural Analysis and Weakened Exploit.


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