Biometric-Driven Mobile ID Solution for Proof of Vaccination


TECH5 has announced the availability of a new and differentiated Proof of Vaccination as part of its Biometric-Driven Mobile ID solutions. The newly-launched solution provides biometric proof of a holder’s vaccination status completely offline and within seconds, and with no need to link to any other personal data.

““COVID-19 certificates”, “Vaccination Passports”, “Immunity Passes,” call them what you will, but a plethora of solutions aimed at getting the world moving again safely is being announced on a regular basis” – says Rob Haslam, TECH5 strategic advisor. “But most, besides being unproven, are fundamentally flawed in a number of ways: some rely on being connected to national or medical databases or linked to government-issued IDs; few, if any, address the issue of foolproof verification (how do I know the person presenting the credential is who they say they are?); and all seem to rely on everyone having an up-to-date smartphone. Many also need the verifying party to be online to check vaccination status”– Haslam explains.

TECH5 takes a different approach, offering a solution which is inclusive, fully private and leaves the holder in control of their own identity, while at the same time allowing the verifying party the ability to check vaccination status anywhere, anytime, without a network, without checking back on a database, and even when the holder doesn’t have a smartphone: even where the proof of vaccination is in printed form, it can still be checked biometrically against the holder.

The TECH5 solution will allow vaccinating entities to provide each vaccinated person quickly and easily with a biometrically-verifiable credential in electronic or printed format. The credential will contain the vaccination date and status, as well as both an image of the holder’s face and a biometric template, all encrypted securely. The credential can then be presented, on a smartphone or in printed form, to any verifying organization that has downloaded the verification software, which can run on a smartphone or other mobile device, to verify that the person presenting the credential is the true owner. But while the check is based on biometrics, the biometric data itself stays with the owner.

The ability to generate and verify a credential that proves one’s vaccination status will make entry into and participation in a wide range of activities, including shopping centres, sporting events, government buildings, safer. In addition, given the continuing restrictions for entering a new country or re-entry into one’s own country, the ability to prove immunity will become critical. “An essential element of this new TECH5 solution, particularly during this time of pandemic, is that it can be implemented quickly and used immediately. The solution does not require connecting to an official ID or a national database. This approach makes the solution safe, efficient and effective” – says Machiel van der Harst, TECH5 co-founder and CEO. “Furthermore, the solution does not have complicated architecture that requires a significant investment in hardware; rather, it can be easily integrated with most existing infrastructures” – van der Harst explains.

In addition to confirming vaccination status, the solution can also be used to provide confirmation of a negative COVID test as well as to confirm a positive COVID antibody test.

Various organizations throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America have already tested the Biometric-Driven Mobile ID solution (T5-Mobile ID) and proven its efficacy in various scenarios. The company plans to start implementation of its vaccination solution in the first quarter of 2021.


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