Bulletproof delivers the Cloud to customer doorsteps


Bulletproof LogoBulletproof, Australia’s leading mission critical Cloud services provider, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new capability that will see the company’s award-winning Cloud services delivered and available on customers’ doorsteps.

In a world first, Bulletproof will use a fleet of vans situated at strategic locations across Australia to deliver Cloud capacity to customer premises, providing instant access to computing and storage capacity within a near-instant four hours of ordering. The new service, called ‘Cloud Delivered’, will provide customers with the security and power of the Cloud while eliminating the invisibility that often plagues the Cloud. It has been piloted with a number of large companies over the past 12 months, with significant success. “Customers love the service Bulletproof already provides, but the Cloud is intangible. We wanted to offer something that our customers can see and touch,” said Anthony Woodward, Bulletproof CEO.

“We have seen our customers’ need to see their cloud stand as a barrier for some companies wishing to benefit from its flexibility, power and cost-effectiveness. This service meets that need.”

Just like the Cloud that customers already know, Bulletproof’s Cloud Delivered service allows customers to scale their computing and storage needs up and down as demand requires it. The service includes software installed on customer premises that signals Bulletproof depots across Australia when more, or less capacity, is required. In the case where capacity is no longer required, Bulletproof will collect unused computing cycles and storage.

Better yet, the service costs the same as typical public cloud computing resources, with the small added cost of the fuel required to deliver capacity from Bulletproof’s depots.

“We had to overcome some significant technical challenges to be able to roll this service out, not least of which was to work out how to contain, transport, deploy and un-deploy computing cycles and storage,” said Bulletproof Chief Technology Officer John Ferlito.

“The containment technology for compute cycles was the most challenging, but we are pleased to say that our patent-pending ‘Containerz’ technology allows compute cycles to be captured, paused, and moved over physical distances without constant power.”

Customers are able to sign up to a free trial of the service by visiting the Bulletproof website, signing up and providing their site address along with building security credentials, to facilitate 24/7 Cloud delivery and retrieval.


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