Bynder Down Under


Bynder has announced the opening of its first APAC office in Melbourne.

“Expanding to Australia is the next exciting step among the many we are taking to scale Bynder and help more brands thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape,” said Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. “This past year we have already grown significantly in APAC, and we believe that the office in Melbourne will allow us to better serve and represent these customers and partners while continuing to expand our reach in the region.”

Bynder already serves multiple customers and partners in the region including Queensland Health and Australia for UNHCR.

“Bynder has actually brought us closer to a lot of our customers because they are seeing the value that it adds,” said Rohan Young, Creative Team Lead at Queensland Health. “Customers even say: ‘Hey, can we share some of our stuff with you?’ Which is going to help more hospitals in the future. So, it’s become a nice community of mutually exchanging assets that has a lot of impact.”

The new office is now open and will be led by Eveline ter Elst, director of APAC sales, who will be relocating from the company’s Amsterdam office. The company plans to hire new positions specifically focused around sales, customer success, customer support and marketing, with the goal to better support and grow its already robust APAC customer base.

“We’re excited to join the thriving tech community in Melbourne,” said Eveline ter Elst, director of APAC sales. “We already see incredible demand in the market, and I look forward to building on that momentum through the expansion of our customer base and our regional team.”


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