Check Point Launches New Global Managed Security Service Provider


Check Point Software Technologies has announced a new Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) Program that removes administrative burdens and empowers a partner service-led approach. The program gives partners the capabilities needed for comprehensive XDR/XPR, MDR/MPR, events management and SOC certainty, while providing operational peace of mind.

“Rapidly evolving market dynamics are fueling growth in managed security services, and Check Point is dynamically adapting to meet that demand,” said Frank Rauch, Check Point WW Head of Channels. “We’re significantly investing in our new MSSP program, including product features that drive MSSP interest, as well as operational improvements, training, and marketing activities. This allows for higher levels of partner growth and profitability with services-led cyber protection across network, cloud, and endpoints.”

The role of an MSSP is to deliver complete management of security systems and devices for an organisation. It should operate a security operations centre (SOC) providing 24/7 monitoring and incident response. However, with a constantly evolving threat landscape and a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, traditional SOC provision cannot keep up. It is also too focused on detecting and responding to attacks rather than preventing them.

The managed security services market is expected to reach $53.2B by 2031, according to MSSP Alert. With Check Point’s prevention-first Infinity architecture that spans network, cloud, security operations centre (SOC) and remote workforce, Check Point provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in a partner-led “as a service” offering. As cyberattacks grow in scale and frequency, MSSPs can benefit from Check Point’s proven security portfolio with more than 300 cloud-native integrations that help partners automate services, fueling profitability.

Under the new program, MSSPs can:

  • Provide global SOC-as-a-Service without the upfront investment required: MSSPs can leverage Check Point’s 24/7/365 Horizon MDR/MPR solution with co-branded and white-label versions. This can supplement similar services the MSSP is offering or completely expand their current solution set.
  • Address major security incidents: MSSPs can also leverage and provide co-branded versions of Check Point’s Incident Response (IR) services. With over a decade’s IR experience, Check Point is well-positioned to handle the most complex breaches and security incidents. Additionally, the service provides IR readiness planning for customers to be prepared prior to an incident.

“Enterprises to SMBs are struggling to keep pace with evolving and persistent threats, dynamic innovations in security technology, and chronic security staffing challenges. Managed security services provide businesses with access to leading technologies and scalable expert resources at a reasonable cost relative to the on-premises alternative. Check Point investing in an innovative MSSP program reflects a commitment to enabling its partners to capitalise on this growing opportunity,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst at Channelnomics.

The MSSP program simplifies operations with faster customer onboarding, streamlined quoting, technical onboarding, pipeline development and go to market (GTM) alignment. These operational improvements, additional MSSP training courses and enablement services will strengthen partners’ ability to manage the sophisticated cyber defense requirements of customers today.

The new Check Point MSSP Program includes:

  • Streamlined onboarding: Check Point’s MSSP Program streamlines the onboarding process with hands-on support including engineering bootcamps, enablement workshops, proof of concepts (POCs) and operational improvements. 
  • Network of experts: Check Point is extending more support to MSSPs by enabling access to its network of elite experts including the Check Point Research (CPR) team and the Incident Response team, which has over 25 years’ experience. 
  • Managed detection and response: Leveraging the expanded capabilities of Check Point’s Horizon platform within the Infinity Architecture, MSSP partners can now have prevention-first security operations with comprehensive XDR/XPR, MDR/MPR and events management capabilities.
  • Pricing Flexibility: Upcoming capabilities will allow customised billing options across security portfolio which removes cost of engaging for partners and customers. 

Here is what some MSSPs from the ANZ region have to say:

  • Reza Nashvi, Group CISO at Orro Group said: “We’re seeing massive customer uptake around managed security services. Organisations have a lot riding on their cyber security posture these days, and don’t necessarily have best of breed skills and tools located in-house – which is obviously where Orro Group MSSP offerings show their relevance. Plus, customers have fully embraced the whole shift from CapEx to OpEx and rightly expect a totally flexible payment structure as a baseline for doing business. This new Check Point MSSP program is coming to market at exactly the right time and seems like the sort of innovative, fresh approach that the ANZ market needs” 
  • Craig Somerville, CEO & Founder at Somerville Group said: “Customer security requirements have evolved massively over the last few years. Not only is there a much broader and more complex range of environments to secure, but customers are increasingly demanding totally flexible OpEx models. It’s fantastic to see Check Point launching their innovative new full-stack MSSP program into an ANZ market full of so much joint opportunity. We look forward to exploring how we can expand our existing Check Point-based MSSP services with these exciting new offerings”

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