Cisco launches virtual reality network security experience


Interactive 3-D demo transforms understanding beyond traditional perimeter-centric view of IT security

Allison_partners_logoGlobal marketing communications firm Allison+Partners has announced it has developed a ground breaking Virtual Reality experience for Cisco, aimed at bringing the complexity – and vulnerability – of today’s networks to life. The demo puts the user at the center of a virtual network and lets them physically explore the multiple threats it faces every day, and the advanced security solutions needed to protect vital data.

The Cisco network security VR experience was developed to help non-IT and line of business technology decision-makers understand the new, multi-dimensional threat landscape, the limitations of conventional security approaches, and the advantages of a comprehensive view of security.

“Cisco security solutions deal with more than 20 billion threats every day. We recognized an important need to make these abstract threats more real to business decision-makers outside the IT department,” said Matt Hardwick, Cisco’s director of corporate communications for Asia Pacific, Japan. “Creating a virtual, matrix-like view of a corporate network allowed us to slow down time and show in three dimensions the nature of today’s complex threats, and the risks of relying on a multi-vendor patchwork of firewalls, antivirus and remediation solutions.”

The experience was planned, scripted and developed by All Told, the integrated storytelling unit of Allison+Partners working with Singapore-based virtual reality studio Tiny Island.

“Our challenge was to change the widely held but dangerously outdated two-dimensional ‘walls and moats’ metaphor for security,” said Paul Mottram, Allison+Partners’ managing director of All Told in Asia Pacific. “Today, it’s not a matter of if but when a network comes under attack. There’s also a critical time dimension in terms of how quickly the network can identify these events, and how effectively it can respond. To tell this multi-dimensional story, we needed to use multi-dimensional storytelling technology. VR was the obvious solution.”

Cloud, mobility, the Internet of Everything (IoE), and social media technologies, combined with digital business practices, have helped countless organizations transform how they operate. But they have also increased organizations’ vulnerability to attack. Old methods of security that focus on perimeter defense are no longer enough to keep an organization safe.

“The sheer complexity of the task means that many organizations need a new approach to endpoint security,” said Matt Hardwick. “We wanted to make it clear that there’s never been a better time for businesses to rethink the way they protect their network.”

The Cisco security VR experience was launched to regional IT analysts in October, and is being installed throughout Cisco’s Asia Pacific Customer Experience Centers.

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