Cybersecurity and External Threat Visibility – Canalys Forum 2023


We speak with Thomas Crisp, founder and CTO of Cyber Sentience, a cybersecurity company based in New Zealand, attending the Canalys Channel Forum APAC 2023 in Bangkok.

Thomas provides insight into his business and its focus on external threat visibility in the realm of cybersecurity. While many companies excel in internal security, there remains a significant risk outside the network. Cyber Sentience aims to address this visibility gap by providing solutions that focus on threats originating from external sources, including data outside the network and potential exploitation of staff credentials.

Attending Canalys as a channel partner, was the importance of future-proofing his business by gaining insights into the industry’s needs, particularly with the rising influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

While cybersecurity is not the sole focal point of the Channel Forum, it is an integral part of a broader IT ecosystem. Crisp highlighted the importance of considering cybersecurity as a wrapper for protecting systems within the larger context of IT.

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