Cylance, Blue Coat Systems Bring Next-Generation Anti-Malware Technology to Network Security


Blue Coat Content Analysis System will include Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine for combating malware and advanced threats

blue coat logoCylance and Blue Coat Systems has announced a partnership to bring next-generation anti-malware technology to network security.

Blue Coat Systems’ Content Analysis System (CAS) version 1.3 will include Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine for combatting malware and advanced threats, allowing customers with a valid File Inspection subscription to perform real-time advanced detection as files move through networks. When the CAS identifies a new sample, Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine uses algorithms developed though machine learning to identify and block malware.

“Cylance is thrilled to be working with Blue Coat, a fast-growing leader in cybersecurity,” said Cylance vice president of corporate and business development Joel Bauman. “Our integration will enable Blue Coat customers to benefit from Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine together with Blue Coat’s leading Content Analysis System. By integrating these two best-in-class, next-generation threat detection solutions, we’re further enhancing customers’ ability to detect malicious software and stop advanced, targeted attacks.”

Blue Coat’s CAS uses a cutting-edge layered approach to protect against known and unknown threats when combined with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances. Starting with CAS version 1.3, CAS will use Cylance’s highly accurate artificial-intelligence engine to assist in determining which samples are malicious.

“Blue Coat is excited to add Cylance’s innovative, next generation anti-malware engine to our CAS. Cylance’s predictive analysis is an important enhancement providing highly effective detection of never before seen threats,” said Peter Doggart, vice president of business development for Blue Coat.

All Blue Coat CAS version 1.3 systems will be equipped with Cylance’s technology. All existing and new File Inspection customers will have access to Cylance as of the version 1.3 release, expected to be available this month.


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