Databricks Announces New Product Upgrades and Offerings


Cloud based analytics and AI company Databricks has made a series of announcements and product launches at an in-house event in San Francisco this week, including the launch of Databricks AI/BI, Shutterstock Image AI, and an expanded partnership with NVIDIA.

Key announcements and product rollouts include:

  • An AI-powered, low-code interface called Databricks AI/BI for creating and distributing fast, interactive dashboards, complemented by Genie, a conversational interface for addressing ad-hoc and follow-up questions through natural language.
  • Shutterstock ImageAI, powered by Databricks, is a text-to-image Generative AI model optimised for enterprise use.
  • The open-sourcing of Unity Catalog, the industry’s only unified solution for data and artificial intelligence governance across clouds, data formats and data platforms.
  • An expanded collaboration between Databricks and NVIDIA to optimise data and AI workloads by bringing NVIDIA CUDA accelerated computing to the core of Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform.
  • New innovations to Mosaic AI to help customers build production-quality generative AI applications.
  • The launch of Databricks LakeFlow, a new solution that unifies and simplifies all aspects of data engineering, from data ingestion to transformation and orchestration.

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