DataTrue’s Privacy Leak Detection


DataTrue has launched what it says is a patented data validation and personal identification system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify and prevent data leaks.

DataTrue is collaborating with Microsoft, integrating Azure’s advanced AI and ML into its technology stack.

Over 2,700 security breaches have been reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) since the beginning of 2020, impacting millions of individuals. The breaches at Latitude and Optus alone have affected approximately 15 million people.

DataTrue’s Data Validation Engines (DVE) and Personal Information Identification (PII) leakage detection solution deftly decode information in data packets containing cookies, URLs, and request bodies, including data transfers to and from third-party servers.

The system analyses this information to ascertain whether it includes any personally identifiable data that should not be present.

It then uses AI and machine learning to improve itself and make the detection of issues continuously more precise and faster.

According to Dean Gingell, DataTrue’s co-founder and the co-inventor of the PII technology, Microsoft’s AI and machine learning offerings “significantly enable to improve the leakage detection solution. Not only does it decrease the configuration time for the feature, but it also reduces the development time needed to expand the feature vastly.”

Businesses worldwide have praised DataTrue’s PII detection tools. One such testimonial comes from Coles: “DataTrue has helped us maintain secure and accurate end-user data through significant changes and investments – including switching analytics vendors and launching our new Angular site. Our comprehensive test suites keep us on top of any issues and alert us to any unexpected data problems, including data leakage to third parties.”

DataTrue CEO, Adam Hobson, says, “As businesses increasingly rely on data to operate and cyberattacks grow, it’s vital to find new ways to protect private data. More stringent privacy laws and the need to be compliant also increase the pressure on companies to control and safeguard information.”

Andrew Boyd, GM of Digital Natives & Startup at Microsoft, agrees with Mr Hobson. “In an era where data is the lifeblood of modern business, safeguarding private information has become paramount. AI and machine learning present us with a powerful ally in our battle against cyber threats, and, with our support, Datatrue is harnessing the potential of these technologies to make businesses safer.”


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