DTA tenders for new Cloud Marketplace


The DTA has released a Request for Tender (RFT) to establish a new Cloud Marketplace (CMP). All sellers of cloud offerings to government are invited to apply to join this arrangement by responding to the RFT.

The new CMP arrangement is expected to be operational by early 2021. This is in time to replace the current Cloud Services Panel (CSP), which is scheduled to expire in March 2021. Approved sellers on the current CSP must respond to this RFT to be considered for the new arrangement.

The CMP will be established as a whole-of-government cooperative procurement arrangement for Cloud Offerings to Australian government agencies and affiliates – across two areas:

  • Under Cloud Services, sellers can offer any Information and Communications Technology (ICT) functionality as a cloud service. Sellers offering Cloud Services should note the CMP will be guided by the International Standard ISO/IEC17788 on Cloud Computing (ISO17788), for describing and cataloguing Cloud Services.
  • Under Cloud Consulting, sellers can offer to provide cloud computing-based professional services, described through a rate-card of subject matter experts. Sellers offering these services will describe their expertise in context of the responsibility levels under the Skills For the Information Age (SFIA) framework.

For the first time, the DTA will be using the public beta of a new online Digital Tendering Platform (DTP) for the submission of RFT responses. The DTP is hosted on government infrastructure. This allows secure online access from anywhere, for sellers to develop and submit their RFT responses. The DTA will be available to provide support and advice on the optimal use of the DTP.

The RFT pack is available for download on AusTender and includes more information and detailed instructions for respondents.

For more information, interested parties can contact us at CMP@dta.gov.au.


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