Endava shares Australian business plans amidst leadership appointments


Image: MySecurity Media – L-R Claire Dawson, Commercial Director Endava APAC, Travis Gallion, Google’s APAC CTO & Strategic Advisory for Cloud, Matt Cloke, CTO Endava, Libby Davey, CIO of NGM Group

Endava announced this week at a networking event at the Sydney Opera House, the completion of Mudbath and DEK Technologies integrations into its portfolio with a new leadership structure and business strategies in place.

Since its arrival in Australia in 2021, Endava has brought together local excellence in engineering, digital transformation, and integrated hardware solutions, to bolster its presence in the APAC region alongside existing global capabilities and expertise.

Founder of Mudbath, Josh Doolan steps into the role of Managing Director of Endava Australia and will become the new lead for business direction and growth in the region.

Speaking on the news, Doolan said, “This marks a significant step for us in Australia and indeed, across APAC, a region experiencing rapid adoption of digital technologies and demand for innovative solutions. Endava is poised not just for growth but for meaningful impact. By integrating Mudbath and DEK Technologies, we harness the unique strengths and cultures of our acquisitions to drive socioeconomic progress and industry transformation.

“Our strategy not only diversifies our capabilities but also positions us to excel in the next wave of digital transformation, driven by AI and other cutting-edge technologies. With our ability to innovate and modernise core enterprise systems, we ensure that our clients can fully leverage these technologies, delivering significant business benefits and maintaining our competitive edge in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.”

Claire Dawson, appointed to APAC Commercial Director, said, “Our commitment goes beyond shaping the digital future with our client partners; it’s engaging in technology communities across the region to innovate and nurture a motivated workforce for all. This approach not only enhances Endava’s global market presence but also reinforces our legacy to our clients as a catalyst for positive change and quality delivery. From these acquisitions we are able to offer immense regional expertise that is backed and scaled by our near-shore experienced teams.”

In terms of industries Endava will be looking to expand its network in, banking, insurance, and financial services will continue to be a key priority. The business is also interested in increasing its current presence in mining, telecommunications, travel, logistics, automotive and embedded tech. Notable clients and partners for Endava within Australia include Google, Rio Tinto, Stripe, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ARTC, Orica, nib, Intrepid, and NGM Group.

Having founded DEK Technologies in 1999 and remaining onboard as Endava’s Lead of Embedded Technologies Drini Mulla said, “An increased demand for smart, connected devices across consumer electronics, healthcare, and industrial sectors requires sophisticated embedded systems integration. Our capabilities in embedded software development and IoT solutions position us to lead innovation in creating efficient, intelligent devices for existing and new clients.”

To accommodate the integrations Endava has consolidated offices in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.



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