ESET’s 2016 Cybercrime Trends and predictions report


eset-logoESET, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, has released its Trends 2016: (In)Security Everywhere report. Based on intelligence gathered by ESET’s Research Laboratories, this report reveals important problems, events and challenges facing us in 2016. The ‘Trends 2016: (In)Security Everywhere report provides in-depth analysis of the following areas of concern:

  • Internet of Things: how will increased interconnectivity impact businesses that consider information security key to maintaining their business operations?
  • Ransomware: with new varieties and variants, this type of malware has become increasingly troublesome for both businesses and home users.
  • Targeted attacks: how are cyberespionage kits and APTs likely to impact us in the future?
  • Crimeware: what steps are necessary to protect against new malware families, techniques and campaigns?
  • Haxposure: how big data breaches are impacting both companies and innocent victims?
  • Mobile security: what can we expect from the trend of mobile malware?
  • Windows 10: a look at the security features and user privacy.
  • Critical infrastructure: analysing how critical systems are at increased risk.
  • Law and regulations: how are standards impacting how we protect our systems and people?

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