FNT Software Announces Major Enhancements to Data Centre Management Software


New FNT_logoFNT Command 10 Includes Expanded Visualization Capabilities, Dashboards and Analytics, as well as Mobile Support and a Business Gateway to Integrate Third-Party Applications

FNT Software, a global leading provider of integrated software products for the documentation and management of IT, telecommunication solutions and data centers, today announced the immediate availability of FNT Command 10.  Representing a major breakthrough for the company’s flagship data center management solution, new features of FNT Command 10 include Graphic Center Technology, FNT Command Dashboard, EasySearch, Business Gateways, and FNT Command Mobile as well as enhanced usability, intelligence and analytics.

FNT CEO Nikolaus Albrecht said: “IT Managers who want to be prepared for the future must be able to trust in the accurate and universal documentation of their IT infrastructure. Based on our comprehensive data model and the unified management approach, including all areas of modern IT landscapes, enterprises can be confident that software from FNT is providing the right tools. With the new release of FNT Command 10, new innovations have been added to help prepare for the upcoming digital transformation.”

In conjunction with the latest introduction, Fraport AG (The Frankfurt Airport Group) has become an early adopter of FNT Command 10.

“Due to the long-standing and very beneficial operating experience with FNT Command, Fraport AG has decided to be one of the first companies to migrate to the new release of Command in order to be ideally equipped with the various extended functionalities for upcoming business-relevant changes,” explained Klaus Schultz-Fademrecht, Senior Manager at Fraport AG.

“The reduction in update costs, particularly the standard integration of the new business dashboards as well as the improved mobile workflow through the FNT Command Mobile app, were essential aspects in our decision,” he said.

FNT Asia Pacific Vice President Joseph Lim said: “FNT Command 10 comes at a time when there has been a significant proliferation of data centre implementation in Southeast Asia. The pursuit of the “Smart Nation” strategy in countries like Singapore will add more gravitas to how data is managed and documented. In this context, this new release will inject far greater robustness, resilience and reliability into data centre infrastructure management in Southeast Asia than what exists currently.”


Data Center Visualization

With the new release of FNT Command 10, IT managers have the right planning and management tool to support modern IT environments.  New intelligent and user-friendly functionalities have been developed to provide software that can answer the needs of tomorrow.  Users are able to retrieve the pertinent information via single-click access and understand complex relationships quickly, using visual analytic tools.  The information from the database is easily accessible as FNT Command is available for all decisions concerning infrastructure and resources for IT, telecommunication, and data centers.


Intelligent, Integrated & User-focused

New functions have been developed to support working processes more effectively.  In order to enable users to focus on their main work processes, only relevant information from the data is filtered, processed and provided in clearly represented charts.

FNT Command 10 has the latest generation of enhanced intelligence and analytics. It allows automatic and interactive visualization of cable and network infrastructures with the new module, “FNT Graphic Center,” technology.  Complete views of objects within their network, including their logical connections and dependencies, can be generated quickly and easily at any level of detail in order to provide simple insights into complex infrastructures.  This can be adjusted by using different filters and configuration functions on any specific use case. Planning and simulating can be performed faster, while the software allows for the impact of changes with all dependencies to become easier to identify.

In addition, the integration of FNT Command 10 with FNT Service Planet 3 – which will be released in July – is now seamlessly integrated to ensure a solid data exchange across the entire IT management workflow.


Key Features & Functionality:

  • Graphic Center Technology – Extends the analysis and display net structures dynamically through the visualization of cable and network infrastructures.
  • FNT Command Dashboard – Provides intelligent, predefined reporting functionality covering all major application areas in IT infrastructures, data centers, cable networks, and telecommunications systems.  Better basis for operational and strategic decision-making processes as well as increased planning security.
  • EasySearch – New intelligent full-text search function, in which users can retrieve information across all modules. Personalized features allow the use of specialized applications. Complex systems can be navigated intuitively, quickly, and efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • Business Gateways – Allows for simplified communication with other systems and standard interfaces and ensures high-performance data exchange and easy integration. Forms powerful yet stable communication layers between the FNT Command repository and external systems.
  • FNT Command Mobile – Users can be involved with the work processes no matter what their location.
  • Intelligence and Analytics – The latest generation of intelligent dashboards and analytics. Innovative visualization of cable and network infrastructures with the new Graphic Center technology.
  • ·Enhanced Usability – Priority set on the user himself for simplified work processes.

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