GitLab 14 Delivers Modern DevOps in One Platform


GitLab Inc DevOps Platform if now offering its single application with its 14 release. This release enables the adoption of modern DevOps by replacing disparate technologies and toolchains with a single DevOps platform that is configured to work by default. 

Key focus areas and development features include:

Instrumenting systems to surface meaningful metrics is difficult and time-consuming; many businesses struggle to find the metrics that map their DevOps investments to business results. With GitLab’s CI/CD dashboard, deployment frequency charts, and monitoring, organizations gain confidence in their ability to drive both team performance and competitive advantage, with visibility on lead time for changes, change failure rate, deployment frequency, time to restore service (collectively known as the DORA4 metrics), and supporting value stream analytics that identifies and breaks down bottlenecks. New and upcoming metrics and reporting features include:

  • Value Stream Analytics: Identify inefficiencies and their root causes in workflows, helping users move the needle on DORA metrics. GitLab’s transparent product roadmap prioritizes actionable analytics to optimize users’ value stream and DevOps return on investment (ROI).
  • Deployment Frequency Charts and Monitoring: Enables development teams to monitor the efficiency of deployments over time, find bottlenecks, and know when to make improvements with deployment frequency charts
  • CI/CD Dashboard: Measure the efficiency of your development lifecycle with new charts showing lead time for changes — from code commit to production — built into the GitLab CI/CD Dashboard.


GitLab 14.0 release will be available starting June 22nd.


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