GitLab and Fujitsu Oceania Partner on Cloud Services


GitLab have allied with managed service provider, Fujitsu Oceania to deliver cloud-native applications.

Fujitsu recently introduced Cloud Native Consulting and enterprise customers of both GitLab and Fujitsu can now access cloud native in digital transformation, solutions and application management; including DevOps, continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD), container, and microservice architecture.

Anthony McMahon, Regional Director Asia Pacific (APAC), GitLab, said, “Organisations across most industries are quickly realising they need to deliver on digital experiences and features in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. The evolution of traditional software practices today will need to happen far more quickly to stay ahead of the competition. GitLab’s DevOps platform with its robust support for Kubernetes cluster integration will enable Fujitsu to implement all the life cycle phases of DevOps into a single application, integrating the teams responsible for enterprise product development, quality assurance, security, and operation.”

Vasanth Kandaswamy, Head of Data and Applications Portfolio, Fujitsu Australia, said, “With cloud native, organisations can expect faster value delivery, reducing the time and cost spent in cloud environment maintenance. To the business, this enables the rapid delivery of digital value – moving from release cycles scheduled over months to multiple releases per day across multiple delivery teams.”

Kandaswamy added that cloud native would deliver better performance availability and quality. Different automation perspectives would also drive increases in efficiency, which in turn meant cheaper cost of operations and maintenance.

GitLab’s expansion in the APAC region has grown by over 358 partners (47 partners in APAC) over the past year.

Amelia Seow, Head of Channel Sales, APAC, GitLab, said, “The GitLab Partner Program is focused on leveraging our strong relationships with service and platform providers, allowing customers to take a cloud agnostic approach and deploy anywhere to meet their business needs. Key to this approach includes solving for people and process changes, and Fujitsu’s expertise and footprint in the Australia and New Zealand enterprise sectors will strengthen our ability to implement and lead modern DevOps and integration practices for enterprises.”


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