Hewlett Packard Enterprise Accelerates All-Flash Data Centre Adoption


New converged flash model, data protection offerings and efficiency guarantee raises the bar for enterprise flash storage

hewlettpackard_logo2Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced storage portfolio enhancements to help enterprises capture the benefits of an all-flash data centre while shielding them from risk. New offerings include:


Through consolidation, cost reduction and greater performance, the all-flash data centre can reduce IT budgets by one-third while improving business agility.[i]To safely and securely realise these benefits at scale, enterprises and service providers require a Tier-1 flash storage architecture that delivers multi-protocol support and advanced data protection.


Over the past year, HPE has refreshed its entire flash-optimised 3PAR Storage portfolio, set multiple industry performance records, and emerged as the only major storage vendor to achieve year-over-year market share growth over eight consecutive quarters.[ii]The newest member of the 3PAR family, the HPE 3PAR 20840 Storage array is the highest performing,[iii]most scalable[iv]converged flash array on the market. To help enterprises avoid risks that come with infrastructure consolidation, the 20840 offers secure multi-tenancy and tight integration with the world’s fastest and most scalable data protection system, the new HPE StoreOnce 6600.[v]

“The all-flash data centre requires an architecture that is flash-first, not flash-limited,” said Paul Shaw, General Manager, HPE Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise South Pacific. “3PAR is the only flash platform capable of delivering enterprise-class flash without compromise. This is why we’ve outpaced market growth and taken share from every major competitor.”

Leading performance, workload support and scalability to 21 PB
Scaling out to eight controller nodes and built to supply “6-nines” uptime, the 3PAR StoreServ 20840 is ideal for those consolidating multiple racks of legacy, high-end storage for CAPEX and OPEX savings. The system delivers up to 21 Petabytes of usable capacity[vi]and up to 3.2 million random-read IOPS with industry-leading throughput[vii]while consuming up to 85 percent less space, power, and cooling than traditional high-end arrays like EMC VMAX.[viii]The system’s massive scalability, compact footprint, and industry-leading performance increase business agility by accelerating the most performance-hungry workloads and mission-critical applications for 23 percent lower price than competing all-flash arrays.[ix]


As a converged flash array, the mixed media and multi-protocol support delivered by the 20840 provide the flexibility to consolidate block and file workloads for greater space and cost savings. With the now more scalable HPE 3PAR File Persona[x] and new 8TB Nearline drives, the 20840 can provide affordable flash-adjacent archiving suited to less active data on the same system running applications on flash drives. This allows for space, power, cooling and management overhead savings.


For customers who don’t need the massive scale of the 3PAR 20000 family, HPE recently published SPC-1 Results for the 3PAR 8450 that demonstrate the platform’s superior value, earning it the #1 position in terms of SPC-1™ Price-Performance as ranked against all other external drive arrays, delivering a cost of just $0.23 cents per SPC-1™ IOP.[xi]


Application and flash integrated data protection at half the cost

To reduce the risks of all-flash consolidation, HPE also announced a new range of enterprise-class HPE StoreOnce Systems that protect service levels in even the largest and most flash-centric environments.


The new StoreOnce lineup offers 2x the scalability, 3x greater performance, and half-the cost than comparable EMC Data Domain systems.[xii]Built for the needs of the all-flash data centre, the new HPE StoreOnce 5500 and multi-node 6600 offer ease of integration, flexible connectivity, application-centric backup and the ability to perform flat backup directly from 3PAR Storage. The unique integration with 3PAR via HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software enables enterprises to protect data directly from within applications like VMware and Microsoft SQL up to 17x faster and restore data 5x faster than traditional backup.[xiii]


The new HPE StoreOnce 5500 helps enterprises meet the most stringent recovery time and recovery point objectives even in massively consolidated environments by enabling 33 percent faster backup than competitive systems and scalability up to 864 TB—almost twice the capacity of the nearest competitor.[xiv]With a cost of only $0.02 per GB of logical capacity,[xv]the 5500 is the ideal solution for affordable, application-centric data protection that gives administrators greater control, flexibility, and productivity.


The scale-out HPE StoreOnce 6600 is the industry’s fastest and most scalable data protection solution, designed for the largest and most mission-critical Tier-1 environments[xvi]. With unique features such as multi-node resiliency and autonomic restart capabilities, the 6600 is capable of protecting up to 1.7 Petabytes of data at up to 184 TB per hour, which is 3x faster and twice the scale of the closest competitor.[xvii]


75 percent less capacity and zero guesswork – guaranteed

The new HPE Get Thinner Guarantee program offers a free, up-front workload assessment and a written assurance of as much as 75 percent capacity savings[xviii]that removes guesswork in migrating from legacy storage onto all-flash HPE 3PAR arrays.


The program, which now includes savings from 3PAR Thin Deduplication, uses specialised, big data assessment tools to determine the amount of capacity reduction that a customer can expect to see by migrating to a 3PAR all-flash array. The program uses these results to offer an individualised, written guarantee of customer capacity savings.


With this program, HPE offers the strongest assurance of capacity reduction on the market, backed by a written contract.[xix]Participation does not require any professional services and features the fastest ASIC-based array migration tool on the market, HPE 3PAR Online Import software, which allows HPE customers and partners to easily move from EMC, HDS, and IBM storage to all-flash HPE 3PAR Storage.


Pricing and Availability[xx]

  • HPE 3PAR 20840 Storage Systems are available worldwide, orderable and shipping immediately
  • The 8TB 7.2K Nearline SAS drives are available worldwide, orderable and shipping from 29 March 2016
  • The new HPE 3PAR Get Thinner Program is now available worldwide for new sales of 3PAR 8000 and 20000 Storage Systems
  • The new StoreOnce 5500 will be available worldwide from 31 March 2016
  • The new StoreOnce 6600 will be available worldwide from 31 March 2016
  • Pricing available on request


About Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data centre to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

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