HP Unveils its Most Powerful Entry Workstations


New HP Z lineup delivers unmatched performance, expandability and security

HP Z WorkstationHP has revealed its most powerful entry workstations for product designers, architects, creative professionals, OEMs, educators and financial/office workers. The bold new HP Z Workstation lineup will enhance productivity of professional workflows and deliver powerhouse cost-optimised performance with software-certified experiences, without sacrificing graphics power, expandability, seamless experience or security.

“The number one thing we hear from creative professionals and other power users is the need for higher-performance PCs built to meet their needs. Our new HP Z workstation portfolio addresses this by delivering our most powerful entry workstations,” said Chris Price, Director, Personal Systems, HP South Pacific. “By combining superb graphics performance, flexible configuration options, and integrated software experiences in our most secure desktop workstations, the new HP Z lineup has been thoughtfully designed to unleash creativity, maximise productivity and reinvent future workflows.”

Workstation users are experiencing rapid workflow changes that require hardware and technology capabilities to keep pace. The workflows are becoming more complex, more customised and more time constrained. To remain on schedule, users need systems that can deliver continuous, fast, seamless and future-ready performance, as well as reliable workstations that can protect data and keep work secure.

The new HP entry workstations, the HP Z2 Mini, HP Z2 Small Form Factor and HP Z2 Tower, as well as the HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition are HP’s most secure and manageable workstations2. Built-in end-to-end HP security services provide powerful protection from evolving malware threats with the first and only self-healing BIOS and unique HP endpoint security controller. Customers get powerful protection from hardware-enforced security solutions including HP Sure Start Gen41 and HP Sure Run2 which help keep critical processes running, even if malware tries to stop them. Additionally, HP’s Manageability Kit Gen 2 easily manages multiple devices.

All HP Z2 Workstations which are designed to 24/7 workstation reliability standards, can now connect with Thunderbolt™ for fast device connections and offer an expansive array of certifications for the most popular applications. HP Performance Advisor is available to optimise software and drivers, and customers can deploy Intel® Xeon® processors and ECC memory for added reliability. The customisation, expandability, performance upgradeability and I/O options help future-proof HP Z Workstation purchases.

Performance to Dramatically Improve Workflows

HP Z2 MiniToday, workstation users demand accelerated performance to dramatically improve workflows. This fourth-generation entry HP Z Workstation family includes:

HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation, HP’s most powerful mini workstation, delivers next-level performance in a remarkably small package (2.7 litres in total volume). Compared to the previous generation HP Z2 Mini, it has two times more graphics power. Customers will experience industry-leading visual compute performance from the NVIDIA® Quadro® P600 or NVIDIA Quadro P1000 GPU. In addition, there is the option for AMD Radeon Pro™ WX4150 graphics. The whisper-quiet HP Z2 Mini is HP’s quietest mini workstation.

Its stunning, versatile, space-saving design allows users the flexibility to mount under a desk, behind a display or in a rack — up to 56 HP Z2 Mini workstations will fit in a standard 42U rack with the custom rackmount bracket accessory7. With its flexible I/O, users can configure the system for connectivity of legacy serial ports, as well as support for up to six displays for peripheral and display connectivity needs. The innovative design and flexibility also let users create their ideal setup—from the trading desk to the shop floor to the data centre. For added reliability, the HP Z2 G4 Mini, HP’s only mini workstation with six core Intel® Xeon® Processors, allows customers to deploy it in mission critical environments with confidence.

HP Z2 Small Form FactorHP Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF) G4 Workstation delivers 50 percent more processing power than the previous generation in the exact same super compact size. The six core CPU provides significant performance boosts making the HP Z2 SFF HP’s most powerful small form factor workstation. The HP Z2 SFF takes customisation to the next level with flexible I/O options that free up valuable PCIe slots, while providing customisation for legacy or specialised equipment, and for changing display needs.

As HP’s most expandable commercial SFF PC, the HP Z2 G4 SFF is the perfect hardware solution for customisation needs. It ships with four PCIe slots and dual M.2 storage slots. Its flexible I/O option enables users to customise networking, I/O or display needs without taking up PCIe slots or adding external adapters. With such upgradeable performance and expandability features, as well as versatile mounting and installation options, the Z2 SFF is ideally suited for AEC, product developers and OEM power users.

HP Z2 Tower G4 WorkstationHP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation, HP’s most powerful entry workstation, is designed to tackle complex workloads like BIM and rendering with up to Ultra 3D graphics and the latest Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon® processors. The HP Z2 Tower is equipped to handle demanding 3D projects with over 60 percent more graphics power than the previous generation. With high clock speeds, users can get full unthrottled performance, even with the heaviest workloads.

The new design features front and rear ledges so users can easily move the system from location to location and is 13 percent smaller than the previous generation. To boost reliability, the HP Z2 Tower and the SFF offer HP’s innovative optional dust filter to keep the system clean while sitting on a factory floor or machining environment. With dual M.2 storage slots users can install the pro-grade storage and optional self-encryption drives to help ensure valuable IP cannot be accessed.

HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation EditionFor demanding PC users who want to upgrade their performance, and have a professional certified desktop, HP offers the HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition. As HP’s most affordable professional certified commercial desktop, it is ideal for users who want to upgrade to a workstation-class desktop with integrated ISV certified applications experience.

Designed for 2D/3D design and drafting, this SolidWorks and AutoCAD-approved desktop gives users seamless, reliable performance not available in a business-class PC. It is also out-of-the box optimised for leading VR engines, allowing VR developers to bring their content to life with NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080. The HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition includes specialised workstation customer support and has broad expandability.

Pricing and Availability

  • HP Z2 Mini Workstation is available now for a starting price of $1199.
  • HP Z2 G4 Small Form Factor Workstation is available now for a starting price of $2299.
  • HP Z2 G4 Tower Workstation is available now for a starting price of $2699.
  • HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition is available now for a starting price of $3199, including NVIDIA Quadro® P400 graphics.

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  1. HP Sure Start Gen4 is available on HP Elite and HP Workstation products equipped with 8th generation Intel® or AMD processors.
  2. HP Sure Run is available on select HP Z workstation products equipped with 8th generation Intel® processors.

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