Innovation and Opportunities – Canalys Forum 2023


We speak with Pranay Anand, Vice President of Technology Solutions at NTT, and his insights into the exciting world of technology and innovation at Canalys Channel Forum APAC 2023 in Bangkok.

As a global IT organization, NTT boasts a full-stack approach, covering network infrastructure, data centers, system integration, and managed services. Pranay emphasized the company’s commitment to solving client problems and highlighted his role, which includes driving innovation, leading architectural initiatives, and overseeing go-to-market functions.

“I have one of the best jobs,” said Pranay, emphasizing his focus on solving client problems from an outside-in perspective and linking innovation back to the organization’s capabilities.

Pranay expressed optimism about the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. He highlighted the transformative power of AI in processing vast amounts of data quickly, enabling organizations to tackle a range of challenges. NTT’s innovation-first approach involves validating solutions, testing them with clients, and scaling successful initiatives.

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