Kivera secures $5+ Million AUD Seed Funding


Kivera has raised $5.1M AUD in seed funding from General Advance, Round 13 Capital and several angel investors including Srinath Kuruvadi, Managing Director and Head of Cloud Security, JP Morgan & Chase; Dimitri Sirota, Founder and CEO of BigID; and other senior executives from Amazon, Google, Shift5, ServiceNow, and Zscaler. With the funding, Kivera will invest in new talent as the company expands into the US and North American markets.

Kivera aims to disrupt malicious attacks via cloud misconfigurations before they begin, by taking a preventive approach to enforcing controls across cloud resources. While most Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools detect risks and misconfigurations tens of minutes to hours later, Kivera enables uniform and granular policy enforcement of controls across any cloud and any tool to eliminate the risk of misconfigurations and ensure the security of an organisations’ data.

Kivera’s Cloud Security Protection Platform (CSPP) disrupts the cycle of alerts by allowing developers to innovate within secure guardrails that prevent risks at build and run-time, minimising the number of alerts and improving their signal to noise. Kivera’s platform offers capabilities across cloud protection, securing cloud data, simplified compliance, enabling cloud agility and granular cloud visibility.

Kivera supports every major cloud provider, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and MSFT Azure.

“Cloud security teams are swamped in a backlog of alerts, and they deserve to get out of triage mode and take control of their cloud security by preventing risk up front,” said Neil Brown, co-founder and VP of operations, Kivera. “When dealing with sensitive workloads, the consequences of a single mistake, such as accidentally exposing a resource to the internet, can be considerable. Our recent funding is an endorsement that Kivera is tapping into specific customer pain. We’re eager to change the way that cybersecurity teams think about cloud security beginning at the configuration level.”

Originally founded in Sydney by Neil Brown and Vernon Jefferson in 2019, Kivera recently announced the appointment of its Chief Executive Officer Joe Lea. In addition to this appointment, Kivera has also relocated its headquarters to New York to better service the North American market.


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