LastPass to bring multifactor to the masses with LastPass Authenticator


New Two-Factor Authentication offering from market leading password manager adds extra level of security to LastPass, hundreds of other sites 

LastPass-LogoLastPass has introduced a new free offering designed to bring the security of two-factor authentication (2FA) to the mainstream.  Available immediately on Google Play, iTunes App Store, and the Microsoft App Store, the new LastPass Authenticator app is designed for use with the LastPass password manager, as well as hundreds of popular applications and websites, like Amazon, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook and more.  As a result, users can quickly turn their smartphones – or even their Apple Watch – into a simple extra security key for their digital lives.

“Today, multifactor authentication is far too often limited to security sensitive early adopters, and people that have to use it because IT forced them to do so. That’s the driving goal behind the LastPass Authenticator: Bring the security benefits of two-factor authentication to the masses by taking the pain and friction out of the equation, creating something that people want to use,” said Joe Siegrist, GM and VP, of LastPass. “We see it as a great way to not only bolster the security for millions of LastPass customers, but ultimately, bring an added level of protection to virtually anyone online.”

Using LastPass Authenticator with the LastPass Password Manager
LastPass is best known as a market leading password manager – a secure vault to create, store and manage all of a user’s online passwords and login credentials. The LastPass Authenticator adds an extra lock and key to that vault, in a quick, free and simple way. LastPass users simply download the free LastPass Authenticator app on their iPhone, iPad or Android device, turn on “multifactor” in their LastPass account, and then use the phone’s (or tablet’s) camera to scan a bar code displayed in LastPass to link the Authenticator app to their account.

Going forward, the LastPass Authenticator will send an instant push notification – a simple “verify” button – to their mobile device (or on some smart watches like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear) when they attempt to log into their LastPass account, thus creating a fast, easy two-step process for accessing their password vault.

Alternatively, users can choose to have the Authenticator generate a 6-digit, 60-second code or send a code via SMS (text message), which they can then enter into LastPass to authenticate their log in.

Using LastPass Authenticator with 3rd party apps and websites
There are hundreds of websites and apps that offer multifactor authentication login options, including everything from social networks to productivity apps to many online banking services. The LastPass Authenticator is Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) compliant, meaning it uses a common and widely adopted algorithm used in most leading consumer and enterprise authentication systems from companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Symantec. TOTP is also considered “the cornerstone of the Initiative For Open Authentication (OATH).” As a result, the LastPass Authenticator can be used to manage two-factor authentication for hundreds of other sites and services, giving users a single, simple two-factor authentication option.

Availability and pricing
Available immediately, the LastPass Authenticator is a free mobile app that works with LastPass (free for a single device), LastPass Premium, and LastPass Enterprise accounts. It can also be independently used on any online website or application that supports TOTP-based two-factor authentication, with or without the LastPass password manager.  The app can be downloaded from:

Additional multifactor options for LastPass Password Manager
The LastPass password manager supports a wide array of multi-factor options in addition to the new LastPass Authenticator app, including Fingerprint, Smart Card, Duo Security, RSA SecurID, Symantec VIP, Salesforce Authenticator, SecureAuth, Entersekt’s Transakt, Yubikey, and more.

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About LastPass
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