LogicNow Launches new Active Discovery component in its MAX RemoteManagement platform


Active Discovery identifies active devices on MSPs’ customer networks to support complete service coverage for customers and value capture for MSPs


LogicNow LogoLogicNow has announced the launch of Active Discovery, the latest feature of MAX RemoteManagement, part of the MAXfocus product suite, the world’s most widely trusted managed service provider (MSP) and IT support platform.

Active Discovery has been created to enable MSPs to automatically detect and identify all active devices that are connected to their customers’ networks and ensure complete and comprehensive service coverage of the networks for which they are responsible. This increased visibility, constantly updated, will ensure that networks are not at risk of unexpected security breach through unmanaged devices and that customers’ productivity can be maintained no matter what device they may choose to use.

The new technology will also enable MSPs to identify exactly how many devices are actually on a customer’s network, how many require to be managed and therefore how many should be charged for. Active Discovery therefore protects MSPs from unexpected remedial work, over servicing and inaccurate billing.

Active Discovery can rapidly detect a wide variety of devices, ranging from servers and workstations, to printers, routers, switches, NAS boxes, mobile devices and any other networked equipment, connected via both wired and wireless networks. MSPs will also be able to discover and categorise all devices connected to each managed subnet and gather details such as MAC address, IP address, operating system, version and hostname, as well as uncover new devices as soon as they come online and see when they disconnect.

“Complete and current visibility into customer networks is critical for MSPs to ensure that they deliver the best customer service and experience,” says Alistair Forbes, General Manager of LogicNow. “We created Active Discovery in response to feedback from customers that they were struggling to identify and subsequently manage every device that was attached to their customers’ networks. Not only was this jeopardising the thoroughness of the service delivered, but it also meant that MSPs were not able to charge for their services accurately. Unknown and unmanaged devices can introduce hidden security risks to networks and it is the MSP’s role to protect the customer’s network, no matter how its profile and access may evolve. Inevitably, this will mean that the MSP is monitoring more and more devices, and therefore needs to be able to charge appropriately for the full range and level of service that they are delivering.”

“Our ‘single pane of glass’ approach delivered through our MAX RemoteManagement platform relies on providing MSPs with full and detailed visibility of all the assets for which they are responsible, making the addition of Active Discovery a highly valuable addition to our platform,” continues Forbes.

The new upgrade is now available globally to new customers and across MAXfocus’ existing and growing MAX RemoteManagement client base.

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