LogMeIn Redefines Employee Support with New Product Line-up


Prompt ai and RescueAssist Help Service Desks Eliminate Employee Support Headaches

LogMeIn has introduced two solutions to its market-leading product portfolio – both designed to revolutionise the employee support process.  By making the technology easier, faster and more frictionless than ever before, LogMeIn is removing the need for companies to choose between the requirements of IT and the expectations of employees.  The new line-up is focused on eliminating many of the challenges associated with today’s internal support – including cluttered support queues, lengthy resolution times, and multi-step support processes – to create a simpler and superior overall experience for everyone.

The newest product to join the LogMeIn support solutions family, Prompt ai, makes AI-powered employee self-service accessible to any size organisation by delivering an easier, more engaging, and more effective approach that will encourage employee adoption, and free up help desk teams to focus on the situations that need them most. In addition, LogMeIn also introduced RescueAssist, the next-generation of their market-leading remote support solution, GoToAssist.  Designed to be a lighter, faster approach to remote support, RescueAssist’s web-based console removes the friction commonly associated with starting a remote session.  Together, both products bring the IT Help Desk directly to the employee to offer a much simpler and more efficient support experience.

“Much of the issue with employee support today revolves around a disconnect between the processes and technologies that work best for employees and the ones that are optimised for IT,” said Roy Atkinson, Senior Analyst, HDI.  “Businesses should not have to choose between the two.  Emerging technologies like AI-powered self-service are helping to remove some of the challenges associated with IT support.  However, when human intervention is required, it’s important that the process is equally as seamless and effortless.  As the workforce continues to evolve, organisations will be looking to bring these capabilities closer together in order to make IT support friendlier and more consumable for all employees.”

Introducing Prompt ai

Prompt ai acts as an always-on support partner for employees, delivering instant assistance in the systems they are already working in.  Helping both employees and support staff do more, Prompt ai frees up IT teams by taking common, repetitive questions off their plate while empowering employees to quickly remedy issues and get back to their day.

Where traditional self-service tools require employees to leverage yet another system, Prompt ai brings help directly to the employees to make the experience part of their normal workflow.  In addition, Prompt ai is built with natural language processing to ensure it understands the intent of the employee issue no matter how the question is asked — enabling intelligent, helpful conversations that promote long-term adoption.  Features include:

  • AI-First Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge AI & Natural Language Processing technologies, Prompt ai understands how people naturally speak, helping users solve their own problems instantly and with ease
  • Lives in Popular Messaging Apps: Prompt ai engages employees where they are already working in familiar interfaces like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
  • Easy Escalation Capabilities:  By connecting to popular ITSM platforms and ticketing solutions – including ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, and Samanage – Prompt ai provides seamless ticket escalation so employees can effortlessly receive support from IT experts
  • Simple Pre-built Content Templates: Templates and tips make content building fast and easy – even if you’re not an expert
  • Smart Content Curation: Real-time analytics dashboard classifies similar questions and provide actionable insights reducing the effort to maintain quality content for self-service.

Supporting Employees from Start to Finish

While Prompt ai empowers employees to get quick answers to frequently asked questions, not all employee support situations can be fully remedied through automation.  RescueAssist was designed to deliver a ground-breaking, frictionless experience for situations that require deeper support.  Key new features include:

  • Frictionless Connections:  Through a simple plugin, RescueAssist offers users the ability to quickly and easily start a support session right from the browser
  • Right Fit Support: RescueAssist offers instant access to light-weight support options including chat, remote view, and file transfer
  • In-Channel Support:  Integrations with popular messaging applications like Slack put the IT Help Desk in a familiar place where employees are already working
  • Mobile Device Support & Camera Share: RescueAssist supports Android and iOS mobile device users and offers the ability to troubleshoot equipment anywhere using the end-user’s mobile camera, no app needed.

“Today LogMeIn has taken an important first step in helping to reinvent the way companies support and empower their employees,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement & Support Solutions at LogMeIn.  “With the introduction of Prompt ai, we are bringing our expertise in AI-powered customer engagement and offering an easy yet powerful solution for the modern workforce.  The ability to self-serve combined with the ground-breaking features of RescueAssist, for situations that require a human touch, allow support teams to provide an end-to-end experience that eliminates friction and increases overall productivity.”

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