Macquarie Cloud Partners With Microsoft and Dell to Launch Macquarie Flex


Business and government IT provider Macquarie Cloud Services is launching a hybrid cloud offering called Macquarie Flex in conjunction with Microsoft and Dell Technologies.

Macquarie Flex is powered by Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure) and Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure. It provides workload flexibility, a single management plane, consistent experience, 24/7 mission-critical support and evergreen compliance across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

As the first Dell Technologies partner offering Azure Stack HCI in Australia, the launch marks a significant milestone for organisations who have traditionally been challenged by the integration costs and complexity of hybrid cloud. Macquarie Flex provides these organisations with a new solution to simplify hybrid cloud management, manage cloud spend and meet compliance and sovereign requirements.

“Macquarie Flex represents a significant advancement in hybrid cloud solutions,” said Microsoft ANZ Managing Director Steven Worrall. “By leveraging Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Macquarie Cloud Services provides unparalleled flexibility, security, and performance. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to empowering Australian organisations with the tools and technologies needed to drive innovation and achieve their strategic goals.”

“Macquarie Flex is the true definition of hybrid and represents a new era of hybrid cloud solutions,” said Macquarie Cloud Services Head of Azure, Naran McClung. “Azure and private cloud, two disparate environments, promising different things, for different purposes, bound together to provide Australian businesses the choice, flexibility, and agility needed to succeed.”

Using Macquarie Flex, organisations can deploy and run sensitive/compliance-driven workloads in a private cloud while leveraging Azure’s benefits, diversify deployment locations to improve commercial viability, treat private cloud workloads as first-class citizens of Azure, and monitor, alert, report, backup, secure, manage, and govern virtual workloads through one integrated toolset.

This announcement follows the company’s recent launch of Macquarie Guard, a full turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that automates practical guardrails into Azure services.

“Our purpose is to help customers who have been traditionally underserved and overcharged”, said McClung. “We’re thrilled to be leveraging our long-standing partnerships with Microsoft and Dell Technologies to deliver much-needed new innovation to Australian Businesses.”


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