Mantel Group Partners with Immuta


Mantel Group has partnered with Immuta.

Immuta will work with several of the cloud businesses within Mantel Group’s house of brands, including CMD Solutions, Kasna, and Azenix, along with Cuusoo and Eliiza on data control.

“Immuta will support clients across five of our seven brands, highlighting how important this relationship is,” stated Mantel Group CEO, Con Mouzouris. “With a strong focus on digital, data and cloud, Immuta further advances Mantel Group’s offering and our leadership in these categories.”

“As we grow within Australia, it is important to partner with a consultancy that is Australian-owned and understands the landscape well. Mantel Group not only provides this, but also has strong credentials in the data space across its brands. While Immuta serves global companies in virtually every industry, we have deep expertise in highly regulated industries with sensitive data concerns like healthcare and financial services, which is closely aligned to the client base of Mantel Group” said Matthew Caroll, CEO of Immuta. “We’re very excited to partner with the Mantel Group to deliver secure data access solutions and help Australian businesses unlock the power of their data,” he added.

Mantel Group and Immuta have already begun their partnership, working on projects together for multiple major clients including Cogstate.

Cogstate provides digital brain health assessments to advance the development of new medicines and to enable earlier clinical insights in healthcare. Working with Mantel Group on its data strategy, Cogstate identified that one of the barriers to unlocking the full value of its data was making the right data easily accessible to the right people. Given the highly sensitive nature of health data and the regulations associated with how this data is stored and managed, Cogstate requires a solution with robust access controls so they can trust that their data is being accessed and monitored appropriately.

Working with Immuta, Mantel Group has been able to deploy Immuta’s software at Cogstate and use it to manage security and privacy around its new data lakehouse, enabling Cogstate to unify its data and unlock new analytic potential without compromising the security of its data or the legal obligations it has with its clients.

Being specialised in the data lifecycle, Mantel Group envisages many more major projects with Immuta in the near future, as data continues to drive decision-making in businesses.

“Mantel Group brings the breadth of coverage, the credibility and the expertise to partner with us to identify, architect and deliver innovative, secure, data access solutions for leading Australia business,” added Anthony Farr, Immuta’s Regional Head for Asia Pacific and Japan.


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