Microsoft Office 365 Announces New Partnerships to Optimize O365 Networking


Microsoft has announced the first five networking providers, globally, who have been certified to deliver Office 365 networking “in a way that minimizes latency and maximizes performance and reliability of enterprise connectivity on Office 365 user experience”.  This is critical because the most significant factor that determines the quality of the Office 365 end user experience is network reliability.

4 of the 5 Office 365 Preferred Networking Partners are very large, long-time Microsoft partners (Citrix, Zscaler, Silverpeak and NTT).  The fifth partner, NetFoundry, is a NaaS (Network-as-a-Service), Zero Trust networking startup.

Microsoft confirmed that Cisco, Oracle and Riverbed are in the midst of trying to get qualified.

NetFoundry’s O365 networking optimization solution is the only one of the 5 current Preferred Partners to enable the lowest latency Office 365 networking (direct Internet without trombone through third party cloud infrastructure), and not require a specific WAN solution, instead functioning as software-only NaaS, on top of any WAN.   The same NetFoundry Platform used for O365 optimization also enables Zero Trust, private Azure connectivity, and has both NaaS and Developer Platform options.

©2016 Photography By BusaGaleal Zino, CEO of NetFoundry, stated “We are excited to be the first Zero Trust, NaaS provider to be a certified partner in the Microsoft Network Partner Program for Office 365.  We are ‘the easy button’ for optimized O365 because our solution enables businesses to optimize O365, without implementing an SD-WAN solution or deploying hardware, while securing business sites with our Zero Trust solution, and without needing to send the data through third-party infrastructure.”


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