New Okta Developer Experience announced


Okta, Inc. has announced the new Okta Starter Developer Edition to provide developers tools to embed Okta authentication, authorisation, and user management into applications at scale. This is available beginning today at no cost for up to 15,000 monthly active users. It delivers coverage for multiple applications and includes access to many of Okta’s Customer Identity products from Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication to API Access Management. In addition, developers can now get up-and-running faster than ever before with Okta and begin addressing a broader set of identity use cases across the full application development lifecycle. Developers can access enhanced documentation, sample applications, and new integrations spanning continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), microservices and APIs, among more.

Developers are a mission-critical resource in modern organisations. They play an instrumental role in driving innovation across the business from powering customer-facing digital experiences to managing and deploying updates across entire ecosystems of infrastructure. The demands on developers are only compounded by a global shortage of talent. Modern tools that save time and improve the overall day-to-day for developers with extensibility, documentation, and self-service options are a top priority. Beyond speed, developers are increasingly taking on the responsibility of operating with a security mindset. Developers need tools that enable them to build securely from the start and integrate across software supply chains in hybrid, cloud-native, or multi-cloud environments.

“Okta’s vision is to enable everyone to safely use any technology,” said Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, Okta. “Developers are foundational to bringing that vision to life, and it’s our goal to make every piece of the development process easier with Okta. Developers can ramp up at no cost with the Starter Developer Edition, and our reimagined developer experience delivers tools that seamlessly work with developers’ toolchains across whatever hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environment they’re building on. If developers need to do something with identity, they can do it with Okta.”

“MongoDB was created to unleash the power of software and data for innovators everywhere,” said Benjamin Cefalo, Director, Product Management, MongoDB. “And we’re drawn to technologies that share our DNA to solve complex scale and agility challenges. With Okta, we put the power of identity security to work. The Okta platform and APIs enable our teams to move rapidly and build highly scalable, customizable, and secure experiences that delight users.”


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