New Relic Ends Peak Billing and Screen Swivel


New Relic has released what it says is a new, deeply integrated experience for its infrastructure monitoring and APM capabilities that correlates the health and performance of applications and hosts in real-time.

“Infrastructure monitoring is business-critical for every engineering team in a digital business. It’s also an area of ballooning costs and surprise bills as more workloads shift to the cloud and teams enable auto-scaling,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “This release addresses both those concerns by adding best-in-class infrastructure monitoring to easily monitor and debug infrastructure issues, with a unique pricing model that saves customers money compared to other tools on the market.”

Kris Day, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific & Japan said, “Outages and downtime costs remain critical concerns for APAC organisations despite ongoing investment in digital infrastructure. As engineering teams continue to be challenged by complexities in transitioning to the cloud, they are under more pressure to resolve incidents faster and prevent downtime. New Relic’s infrastructure monitoring experience will allow engineers seamless access to real-time insights on a single platform, cutting across traditional silos and tools to get to the crux of the issues and strengthen overall resilience.”

“APM and infrastructure silos impede performance. Our applications need to keep pace with our customers, and integrating multiple tools is a timely and costly process,” said Digicert, Inc. Director of SRE Engineering Operations Rizwan Nazir. “With New Relic’s all-in-one infrastructure monitoring solution, we can diagnose host-driven performance issues by correlating the health of our applications and hosts in real-time, quickly detect anomalous behaviour, and deploy fixes—all while reducing operational expenditures.”


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