New YPO survey – Asia CEO’s say action on societal issues builds employee trust


YPO, a global community of young business leaders (representing more than 28,000 CEO’s across the world) has released their Global Pulse Survey on Trust, which nearly 3,000 YPO members from 115 countries participated in.

YPO’s 2020 Global Pulse Survey on Trust, conducted 1-18 November 2019 with 2,960 respondents from 115 countries, found that trust was a key matter for business leaders around the world. Key findings include:

  • 96% of chief executives globally rate building and maintaining trust with stakeholders as a high priority, with nearly half saying that the importance of building trust with stakeholders has increased in the past five years.
  • 71% of business leaders across the globe agree that their business can have a positive societal impact without sacrificing profits.
  • Over two-thirds of business leaders in Asia agree that taking action on societal issues positively impacts employee trust (67% Asia, 54% rest of world) and public trust (68% Asia, 55% rest of world) in their organizations.
  • Only 40% of global business leaders find it easy to build trust with employees.
  • Nearly a third of Asia business leaders cited company culture as one of the biggest barriers to building employee trust (32% Asia, 20% rest of world) Other major obstacles included competing priorities, lack of time and operational structure.
  • Global business leaders agree that trust is an issue that they feel increasing urgency around yet over 60% have yet to measure employee trust within their business and only 34% have specific plans within their business for building and maintaining employee trust.
  • 89% of global CEO’s surveyed agree that, as business leaders, they are under pressure to embody their organizations’ values through their actions

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