NVIDIA Partner Network Gives Partner Status to VAST Data’s AI Platform


AI data platform company VAST Data has had its platform certified as a high-performance storage solution for NVIDIA Partner Network cloud partners, bolstering VAST’s position as a data platform provider for AI cloud infrastructure and further strengthening VAST’s collaboration with NVIDIA in building out next-generation AI factories.

“This certification with NVIDIA builds on VAST’s already tremendous success with CSPs as the de facto AI data platform solution for large-scale, cloud infrastructure,” said VAST Data’s John Mao. “With the VAST Data Platform independently validated and certified through the NVIDIA Partner Network, organisations can more confidently and securely deploy their AI models at unprecedented scale across thousands of GPUs.”

VAST provides a unified set of storage and data services that allows cloud service providers to offer a comprehensive catalogue of data-centric offerings that are integrated with NVIDIA technologies. The VAST Data Platform supports training and fine-tuning AI models of all sizes and modes, ranging from multimodal and small language models with less than ten billion parameters to the world’s largest models consisting of over one trillion parameters.


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