Okta and Atlassian Partner for Scale in the Cloud


Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA) has announced a strategic partnership with Atlassian to accelerate organisations’ move to the cloud. By integrating Okta’s authentication technology into Atlassian cloud products –– spanning collaboration, productivity, and DevOps and IT –– organisations can give their workforces secure access to the tools they need to be successful.

In order to compete with today’s disruptors, organisations of every size and industry are investing in cloud technologies to increase workforce productivity and improve customer engagement. And while virtually every company is on a digital transformation journey, the world’s largest organisations must overcome additional complexities associated with maintaining legacy software and managing a hybrid IT environment. Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption. Okta is empowering businesses to thrive in today’s constantly changing environment by enabling any organization to adopt any technology.

Thousands of Okta customers have already adopted Atlassian products to collaborate, improve productivity, and ultimately unleash the potential of their teams. While Atlassian initially launched with on-premises offerings, the majority of its customers are now taking a cloud-first approach. More than 90% of Atlassian’s new customers choose a cloud product to optimise for speed of implementation, ease of maintenance, and immediate access to the latest features.

“At Okta, we’re on a mission to seamlessly and securely connect people to the technologies they need to do their best work. Although every company is becoming a technology company, the world’s largest organisations are faced with unique challenges: they need to maintain legacy infrastructure ingrained in their stack and adopt new cloud technologies to increase employee productivity or improve the customer experience,” said Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, Okta. “With the Okta Identity Cloud integrated into Atlassian, they can easily onboard new organisations and move customers to the cloud, so they can securely give their workforces access to the tools they need to be successful.”

“Atlassian is at the forefront of enabling agile transformation for any organisation,” said Anu Bharadwaj, Head of Product, Atlassian Cloud. “As organisations continue to innovate and transition to cloud-first technology strategies, our partnership with Okta will enable organisations to more simply and securely access the key collaboration and productivity tools they need to be successful. We’re excited to partner with Okta to empower Atlassian customers to do their best work.”

Leveraging the Benefits of Okta and Atlassian’s Integration

With the Okta Identity Cloud embedded into Atlassian cloud products, organisations have simple and secure access to the tools that make them more productive. This partnership enables Atlassian to focus on its core products while Okta solves for complex enterprise identity challenges, securing Atlassian customers already embracing and moving to the cloud and reducing IT friction for new integrations. In addition, Atlassian now provides a streamlined sign-on experience for its Atlassian cloud customers with Atlassian Access, powered by Okta.

Together, Okta and Atlassian offer organisations:

  • Accelerated move to the cloud: Easily connecting to existing Active Directory (AD) or LDAP directories to bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud applications, and providing an additional layer of protection with MFA;
  • Increased end-user productivity: Seamless identity and access management to an organisation’s Atlassian cloud products, and secure single sign-on to Atlassian Access for an easy log-in experience that enables users to be more productive;
  • Automated IT tasks: Automated provisioning and deprovisioning, increasing security while saving IT valuable time;
  • Further adoption of best-of-breed: The ability for Atlassian customers to integrate with additional best-of-breed applications, leveraging the Okta Integration Network’s over 6,000 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers.

“Dentsu Aegis Network has a vision to innovate the way brands are built for its clients. When it comes to our technology we look for solutions that will enable our teams to work smarter in the digital economy,” said Paul Timmins, CIO Global Operations, Dentsu Aegis Network. “We’ve long relied on Okta for identity management and the Okta Identity Cloud enables us to securely connect our people to technologies that they need to be successful. Now with the Okta and Atlassian’s integration it will help us to further streamline our IT processes and create a better experience for our team so they can focus on our mission.”


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