OnePlace Solutions adds personalisation for Microsoft 365 solutions


The inclusion of Solution Profiles support in the OnePlaceMail app means applications built on Microsoft 365 can now be delivered in a more intelligent and personalised manner within Microsoft Outlook. The OnePlaceMail app is available in every supported Outlook environment, including mobile devices, MacOS, Outlook on the web, and Windows.

Solution Profiles are a set of services that personalise the user experience according to parameters such as job function or persona. This ensures users can see the information they need more easily, without the noise and clutter that can be created when working in complex SharePoint environments.

James Fox, CEO, OnePlace Solutions, said, “At OnePlace Solutions, we’re enabling people in business to do more, simply. The launch of Solution Profiles for the OnePlaceMail app is in line with this vision, promoting seamless capture, classification, and access to documents in SharePoint straight from email without having to switch screens. This delivers significant productivity benefits to users and streamlines their experience.

“With so many people moving away from office-based working to a more flexible and remote work environment over the past year, mobile productivity solutions have become indispensable to organisations. Workers are looking to remain productive and collaborative on the go from any location, so adding Solution Profiles functionality into the OnePlaceMail app will contribute significantly to organisations’ productivity.”

Solution Profiles focus on the needs of the users, removing any unnecessary concern and complexity for users around the underlying information architecture. This means solutions such as project management, legal matter management or any other solution built on Microsoft 365 can be delivered to where the user works in a personalised manner for greater engagement and productivity when capturing, classifying, and accessing information.

James Fox said, “Solution Profiles let users see the information they need in the way they want to see it. Importantly, users don’t have to understand the information architecture of Microsoft 365. Instead, they can focus on connecting to locations and content from the context of where they are working. It’s a highly personalised way to interact with Microsoft 365 solutions and the vast amounts of emails and documents that a company relies on.”

While using Solution Profiles, users can still access their pinned locations and most recent locations. These three options together ensure users don’t waste time clicking around complex SharePoint sites to find the locations they need.

James Fox said, “Solution Profiles save time and streamline processes. They can be especially useful in the induction process where users may be familiar with SharePoint but in a very different context. This approach brings information and business solutions to where the user works, so they don’t have to go through an extensive training process to be able to use the organisation’s systems, driving greater efficiency and productivity from day one.”

The OnePlaceMail app utilises the Solution Profiles available in the OnePlace Solutions desktop software, so no additional user configuration or licensing is required.


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