Open AI Acquisition of Rockset Wins IT Influencer Support


Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence research lab Open AI has acquired Rockset, which deals in real-time analytics databases. Open AI paid almost USD200 million to close the transaction.

“Influencers recognise OpenAI’s acquisition of Rockset as a prudent strategic move that equips it to enhance AI models with real-time data processing capabilities,” said GlobalData Social Media Analyst Smitarani Tripathy. “They believe this strategy positions OpenAI as a leader in innovation, marking a transformative step with the potential to unlock limitless opportunities.”

In a statement, Tripathy notes several IT influencers have praised the deal, citing technology analyst and GTM strategist Sarabjeet Johal, who called the deal “a great pairing.”

Tripathy said influencers are optimistic about the merger and view it as a major advancement that could revolutionise AI-driven solutions. “This merger will greatly expand OpenAI’s capabilities and opportunities,” she said. “At the same time, others see it as a positive development for Rockset, solidifying its market presence.”


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