Operating in the Russian underground is easier than you might think


TrendMicro_logoThe Russian cyber underground has evolved from a shady arms bazaar to a sophisticated, professional online business with automated sales processes, customer service and a level of efficiency that resembles a legitimate organisation. With Bulletproof Hosting Services providing infrastructure and anonymity to cybercriminals, as well as the increasingly user-friendly nature of these platforms, anyone with an interest in cybercrime can find the right partners and tools needed to execute their next scheme.

“Russian Underground 2.0,” the latest report in Trend Micro’s deep web series, dives into the Russian marketplace – the first underground ever established. Trend Micro researchers have monitored activity for years, knowing that trends and changes here can shed light on what’s to come in the global cybercrime landscape. The report’s most significant developments include the decreased barriers of entry, and the expanded opportunities available for aspiring hackers to thrive with little technical knowledge.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Professionalisation and improved customer experience: stolen credentials and exploits are built and sold in ways closely resembling legitimate business transcations.
  • Market expansion: Simple supply and demand – offerings are constantly expanding with new illegal tools and resources. Translation services are now available to help cybercriminals expand globally.
  • Political activism and activity: This underground acts as an online militia supporting Russia during recent events, most notably the Ukraine conflict
  • Falling prices: As technology improves, market forces bring down prices.

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