OVEN Industries Leader Expands Electronic Contract Manufacturing Capabilities for PCB Assembly


OVEN Industries Logo SmlOVEN Industries (OI) increases product assembly efficiencies in Electronic Contract Manufacturing by adding Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and PC Board cleaning equipment. This initiative compliments their ongoing focus on continuous improvement, quality workmanship and repeatability.

As an ISO Aerospace Certified Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company, OVEN Industries has specialized in Analog and Digital Temperature Controllers and Sensors for over 45 years.  OI continues to see steady growth in this type of assembly in conjunction with its complete “box-build” assembly processes.  The combination of AOI and specialized deionizer cleaning equipment compliments their already proficient Surface Mount (SMT) and through-hole PCB Component Assembly machines.

When OVEN’s President was asked; what specific improvements do you expect to gain with this new equipment? He stated, “that’s an easy question for us because what we do needs to be repeatable and reliable”, he went on to say “and what I mean by that is, AOI is robotic inspection equipment providing our production with an accurate way of making sure all the components are present and properly placed, and the deionizer cleaning helps in the removal of unwanted residue”.  Then he added, “we fully appreciate that the PCB Assembly is what makes any electronic product function and we won’t rest in our continuous improvement efforts”.

From a functionality standpoint the Automatic Optical Inspection equipment has a variety of detection capabilities not limited to: solder detection & lead defects, component presence and position, read nomenclature all at an amazing 4 sq. inches per second and more than 200,000 components per hour.  The Deionizer Board Cleaner is an extremely versatile unit that has zero-discharge which eliminates the need for wastewater management, fully automatic wash, rinse and dry and is compatible with all flux types.  A touch screen user interface is included.

Oven Industries, Inc. was founded in 1964 and specializes in the development of custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors along with extensive turnkey Contract Manufacturing capabilities. OI also carries a full line of standard products, purchasable online, including temperature controllers and sensors, power supplies, heat sinks, thermistors and thermocouples. With a superior design engineering staff and complete production facilities, the company is a leading technology and development company.


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