Palo Alto Networks to participate in World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos


A global dialogue and cyber breach prevention mindset are key to the fourth industrial revolution

Palo Alto Networks LogoPalo Alto Networks has announced that several executives, including Chief Executive Officer Mark McLaughlin and Vice Chairman and Japan Chief Security Officer William Saito, will attend the 46th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, taking place from 20 to 23 January.

With the theme of “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, this year’s meeting is set to have cybersecurity at its core.  As this new industrial revolution explodes with innovation, making lives more connected and business more efficient, trust plays a key role in the continuation of our digital way of life.  Diminished trust, as a result of frequent security breaches, and consumers’ concerns about their data will hinder the progress and innovation driving this fast-paced, interconnected world.  Pivotal to addressing this is the global dialogue about navigating the digital future and how, by adopting a cyber breach prevention-oriented mindset, it is possible to shift the tide against cyber adversaries.

“In order to maintain trust in our digital age, we have to gain cost leverage in the cyber battle by increasing the difficulty of attacks at every point in their lifecycle through next-generation technology, faster intelligence and human coordination, and with smarter public policy. This requires us to elevate the conversation in security beyond just a technology arms race to a discussion on how we, as a global community, plan to secure our digital realm. Palo Alto Networks is honored to be a part of driving this important conversation at Davos this year”.
– Mark McLaughlin, chief executive officer, Palo Alto Networks

“The cybersecurity issue continues to weigh heavily on the shoulders of businesses and governments around the world.  A key element in being able to alleviate this growing pressure and put an end to the incoming tide of cyberbreaches is the progression of an international debate around a truly global problem.  The World Economic Forum plays a valuable role in bringing together those who must be part of the solution.”
– William H. Saito, vice chairman and Japan chief security officer, Palo Alto Networks

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