Qlik Launches Data Literacy Consulting and Service Offerings


Qlik has launched a Data Literacy as a Service approach to creating a data-driven culture. These always-on education, consulting and support services will help organisations drive higher data literacy rates while optimising the value trapped in their data.

In new research co-sponsored by Qlik and Accenture, only 21% of the global working population surveyed reported they are fully confident in their data literacy skills, leading almost two thirds to report being overwhelmed. This has resulted in employees spending at least one hour a week procrastinating over data-related tasks and adding billions in lost productivity per year, estimated at $109.4B annually in the U.S. alone.

“Around the globe, organisations consistently tell us they believe data literacy is essential to their ability to scale data-driven decision making and increase value from data,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer at Qlik. “What they are struggling with is how to best blend the people, process and technology elements necessary for a culture to become truly data-informed. Our new offerings, through a proven structure and expert resources, enable a higher level of customer success when bringing data-driven decisions to every aspect of their business.”

The interest in data literacy services as an enterprise-wide value driver has been steadily growing in the past two years. Qlik’s Data Literacy Index data shows that large enterprises with higher corporate data literacy experience $320-$534 million in higher enterprise value (the total market value of the business). This has driven investments in technology to empower employees, which has created unintended consequences that limit data and analytics adoption.

This employee resistance adds a new dimension to the adoption plateau organisations face when deploying data and analytics solutions, increasing the difficulty in extracting ongoing value from data. This has driven demand for over 250 Qlik-led data literacy workshops over the last two years. Organisations found these popular workshops valuable, yet CDOs in particular noted they need even more help in creating a widespread cultural shift to data literacy. Qlik has launched these initial services under the banner of a Data Literacy as a Service approach, highlighting the importance of closing this gap and helping organisations address the people, process and technology challenges that can limit success and company-wide confidence in the use of data.

“At Nemours, we’ve been addressing the data literacy gap through a mix of technology and training, working closely with Qlik on our approach and rollout. While the initial results have been promising, like many on this journey we now want to scale and embed these capabilities across the organisation,” said Rishi Muchhala, Manager of Enterprise Intelligence at Nemours Children’s Health System. “We’re excited to explore these new services from Qlik on our path to creating a fully data literate culture.”

Data Literacy as a Service is a holistic always-on customer success approach designed to drive a data-informed culture by optimising three components: the value of analytic technology and processes, human capital through a comprehensive, ongoing and product-agnostic data literacy adoption program, and mission-critical analytics with a 24/7 enterprise support foundation. The initial Data Literacy Consulting and Signature Services are available today via subscription, and like other subscription services can be customised over time to evolve with customers’ unique needs.


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