Relationship between CPTED principles and people’s feeling of safety


The 2015 Safe Cities Conference looks forward to welcoming Associate Professor Veronica Soebarto from the School of Architecture & Build Environment at the University of Adelaide as a presenter on the 8 July at Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

Associate Professor Veronica Soebarto will present on the relationship between CPTED principles and people’s feeling of safety.

In South Australia creating a ‘liveable city’ is one of six desired outcomes listed in the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan. The Safer City Policy suggests that “places will be made more welcoming and safe through the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles in development planning and place activation”.

While CPTED concepts and principles have been incorporated into urban design policy from the federal level to that of local council, there is little research in Australia, or elsewhere, that evaluates and critiques CPTED principles in relation to urban design particularly in exploring the link between CPTED principles and people’s feelings of safety and comfort in an urban precinct.

This presentation will discuss a pilot study undertaken by an inter-disciplinary team from social science, law and architecture; to explore this issue in a mix-use precinct within the Adelaide City Council.

To view the full program visit the conference website please click here.


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