Rubrik Acquires Laminar


Rubrik has signed an agreement to acquire Laminar.

“Rubrik and Laminar share a common vision that cyber resilience is the next frontier in data security,” Mike Tornincasa, Chief Business Officer, Rubrik. “Laminar’s technology, ability to execute, and vision make it a perfect complement to our strategy and innovative roadmap. Together, our teams will create an integrated offering that gives customers the benefits of cyber recovery and cyber posture capabilities, and positions them to be resilient in their fight against cyberattacks.”

“There is a dark side to digital transformation in the form of shadow data, and more businesses are realising they can’t protect against what they can’t see—leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks,” said Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder of Laminar. “We have found synergy with Rubrik, a company that cares just as deeply about ensuring that customers are prepared against the inevitable. The combination of cyber posture and cyber recovery will help create a cyber resilient future where organisations can take on any threat, at any stage of the attack.”

One of the biggest challenges organisations face today is low visibility into data across increasingly fragmented environments.

According to a recent Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security report, more than half (51%) of organisations cite visibility differences as a top issue contributing to misalignment between IT and security teams.

Further, according to Gartner Hype Cycle™ for Data Security, 2023¹, “As data proliferates across the cloud, organisations must identify privacy and security risks with a single product. DSPM will transform how they identify business risks that result from data residency, privacy, and security risks.”

“CISOs are under increased pressure to ensure their organisations are protected from sophisticated cyberattacks. Yet the traditional cybersecurity solutions they rely on lack visibility into where sensitive data lives,” said Marene Allison, Former CISO, Johnson & Johnson and Rubrik CISO Advisor Board Member. “One of the ways to keep businesses from being vulnerable to bad actors is to leverage cyber posture and cyber recovery, as both are required to achieve complete cyber resilience.”

Rubrik will also leverage the Laminar team to create an R&D centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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