SimpliVity launches new OmniStack Solution with Cisco UCS to simplify ROBO deployments


Leader in hyperconvergence delivers superior data protection, simplified management, and lower TCO for ROBO

SimpliVity LogoSimpliVity has announced a new hyperconverged offering to deliver unified management and simplified data protection for all remote enterprise sites.  The OmniStack Solution with Cisco UCS for Remote Sites centralises management so there is no need for on-site IT expertise, and improves data protection with efficient backups over bandwidth-constrained WAN links – with a price point that is up to 45% lower than alternative hyperconverged solutions.

Enterprises today still struggle with maintaining their remote office / branch office (ROBO) locations, especially with enterprise-grade disaster recovery. IT usually prefers to perform backups centrally, but ROBOs do not typically have the required wide-area network (WAN) bandwidth to perform the operations; instead, they are forced to manage backups locally. This puts many enterprises at risk – central IT has limited visibility into local IT operations, regulatory compliance, frequency of backups in case of a disaster, or even potential legal issues due to lost or stolen data.

Orderable this quarter, the OmniStack Solution with Cisco UCS for Remote Sites, addresses these pain points by taking the “remote” out of ROBO. SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure combines all core data center functions, including the hypervisor, compute, storage, networking switching, data protection, and more, onto Cisco UCS C240 rack-mount servers. The solution massively simplifies the IT infrastructure, allowing the enterprise to centrally manage ROBO sites from a single interface, Cisco UCS Manager, and provide faster, more reliable data protection, increased application performance, improved WAN optimisation, and higher staff productivity.

Key benefits:

  • 3x lower total cost of ownership by consolidating all IT functions below the hypervisor into a single, scalable pool of shared x86 resources
  • Faster, more reliable, built-in data protection with central IT management eliminates the need for additional backup and recovery technology at ROBO locations, and allows ROBO sites to operate with the same SLAs, RTOs, and RPOs as the enterprise’s global offices
  • Improved staff productivity by managing all resources (policies, processes, operations, backups, etc.), from the same centralised interface, so IT staff no longer needs to be on-site to manage ROBO resources
  • Increased application performance by deduplicating, compressing and optimising all data, once, in line, at inception
  • Improved WAN utilisation with built in data deduplication, compression and optimisation by reducing the network traffic associated with data protection functions, removing the need for special-purpose WAN appliances

Supporting quotes

  • “Enterprises nowadays are looking to streamline their ROBO IT management.  They know that it’s not sustainable or scalable to deploy full IT operations at every remote office and they’re looking to utilise IT resources on more valuable projects than maintaining disparate ROBO systems,” said Jesse St. Laurent, vice president of product strategy, SimpliVity. “The new OmniStack Solution with Cisco UCS for Remote Sites provides our customers with the flexibility to remotely control IT operations, while improving productivity, application performance, and data protection. Best of all, we’re able to deliver our hyperconverged solutions at a lower price compared to other vendors.”


About SimpliVity
Founded with a mission to simplify IT, SimpliVity is a pioneer in the hyperconverged infrastructure market, disrupting the status quo of complex and cumbersome legacy IT systems. SimpliVity’s hyperconverged IT platform delivers enterprise-class performance and availability that today’s IT leaders require, with the cloud economics their business demands. No other company has taken on the mega task of assimilating all IT elements below the hypervisor (8-12 disparate functions) into a simple 2U building block of x86 sharable resources to deliver unmatched IT simplicity, operational efficiency, and 3x TCO savings. The company’s unique data virtualization architecture improves performance, protection and data efficiency, while also enabling global unified management from a single console. SimpliVity has revolutionized IT systems for hundreds of enterprises around the world. Headquartered in Westborough, Mass., the company has raised $276 million in venture capital and employs about 750 worldwide. SimpliVity’s business model is 100 percent indirect, and its solutions and professional services are available worldwide through its network of resellers and distributors. For more information, visit


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