State of the Phish report


A significant number (71%) of employees in Australia knowingly put their organisations at risk, underscoring the complex nature of cybersecurity where human behaviour plays a pivotal role, according to Proofpoint’s tenth annual State of the Phish report.

This revelation comes amidst a backdrop of decreasing successful phishing attacks – a testament to the evolving defences against cyber criminals.

However, threat actors adapt swiftly, leveraging advanced technologies such as generative AI, QR codes, and exploiting multifactor authentication (MFA) systems, revealing a landscape where vigilance and innovation are paramount.

Considering these challenges, the dedication of Proofpoint’s partners in Australia and New Zealand has been instrumental in advancing cybersecurity measures for organisations across the region.

Recognising this effort, Proofpoint is proud to announce its top-performing partners in the region:

“These awards reflect the hard work, innovation, and commitment of our partners in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape of Australia and New Zealand,” said Joe Sykora, senior vice president, global channel sales, Proofpoint. “As we move forward, it’s clear that the human element remains central to both the challenges and solutions in cybersecurity. Proofpoint remains committed to innovating and adapting, working closely with our trusted partners to protect organisations and their people against the ever-evolving threats.”

“In a crowded cybersecurity market overwhelming clients with choices, Proofpoint stands out as an industry powerhouse,” said Craig Tamlin, general manager, Lumen IT. “Their unwavering technical capability, utilising AI for over a decade, translates to high-efficacy solutions, a clear differentiator in today’s ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Lumen IT, a strong Western Australian Proofpoint partner, is proud of our growing partnership built on Proofpoint’s commitment to empowering their resellers. Through their collaborative sales approach and focus on strong partnerships, Proofpoint equips its reseller network to deliver the most effective defences for our clients.”


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