Stretched Relationship | Elastic and Amazon Reach Lawsuit Agreement


Elastic has announced it has resolved its dispute with Amazon in the trademark infringement lawsuit related to the term “Elasticsearch.” Following this resolution, Amazon has begun removing the term Elasticsearch from various pages on its website as well as from its service names and related project names.

Elastic initiated a lawsuit against Amazon for trademark infringement, because their use of Elasticsearch in their service name and related project names was creating confusion in the market. Earlier this year, Elastic changed the license of Elasticsearch and Kibana as another important step to help provide clarity to Elastic’s community and customers.

“Today, thanks to all of our actions, we are pleased to announce that Elastic and Amazon have reached a mutually-agreeable resolution of the trademark infringement lawsuit. We view this as a significant step in removing the confusion in the marketplace because there is only one Elasticsearch, and it’s only from Elastic,” said Shay Banon, founder, and Chief Technology Officer, Elastic.

“With this matter behind us, we’ll continue to focus on collaboration with Amazon for the benefit of our shared customers who use Elastic Cloud on AWS,” said Elastic CEO, Ashutosh Kulkarni. “We are seeing strong momentum in our partnership – from seamless data ingestion workflows and a streamlined subscription experience in the AWS Marketplace, to joint go-to-market and enablement programs. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to partner with AWS to help customers solve their most complex challenges around Security, Observability, and Enterprise Search.”


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