Tecala Group Appointed Check Point Software’s New Australian Partner


Check Point Software Technologies has appointed Tecala Group its new Australian partner. The partnership will see Tecala focus on email cybersecurity posture and providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect against known threats and also anticipate and mitigate against emerging risks.

According to the FBI, business email compromise (BEC) scams have cost organisations worldwide over USD43 billion. BEC 3.0 scams, which leverage legitimate services, require a more robust approach to email security. With organisations facing an average of 1,248 cyber-attacks per week, companies are deploying AI-powered cyber security solutions to prevent increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Tecala identifies and captures malicious emails and files before they reach the user’s inbox by scanning every file and attachment for malware and ransomware in the cloud. At the same time, because the Check Point technology constantly trains and tunes the AI on a specific environment, it identifies and blocks attacks unique to an organisation.

The software is also trained on the attacks missed by default security and secure email gateways. Further, Check Point can automatically block compromised accounts based on AI analysis. The new security platform also has contextual awareness of typical communication patterns. This makes it much easier to flag potentially malicious activity for closer examination by the IT team.

“This partnership with Check Point further strengthens Tecala as a cybersecurity frontrunner and enables local businesses to enhance their defences,” said Tecala’s Head of Cyber Security, Murray Mills.

“Our partnerships play an integral role in our success, and we are committed to investing in these relationships,” said Check Point’s Leo Lynch.


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