Tenable Network Security’s Nessus v6 Enhances Advanced System Hardening, Malware Detection and Mobility Support to Reduce the Attack Surface


Tenable LogoTenable Network Security®, Inc., the leader in continuous network monitoring, has announced the release of Nessus® v6, reducing customer exposure to security risks through advanced malware detection, compliance with system hardening policies, and enhanced security for mobile, virtualised and cloud environments.

Many detection and remediation strategies are limited in their effectiveness because of poor or hasty system configurations, often caused by a lack of implementation of best practices. For Nessus v6, Tenable built in a dozen ready-made scanning templates and more than 100 system hardening guidelines to help Nessus v6 identify more vulnerabilities and malware right out of the box than any other scanning product or service across the industry landscape These out-of-the-box templates allow users to easily implement best practices and remove the guess work to enable them to quickly achieve and maintain a state of continuous security and compliance.

“Nessus v6 protects your attack surface by enforcing system hardening policies and delivering an integrated approach to vulnerability, configuration and patch management across the dynamic IT infrastructure,” said Ron Gula, CEO of Tenable Network Security. “This means you reduce the risk to all of your network resources—including mobile devices, BYOD, virtual systems and cloud applications—and your security team is also notified immediately of any indicators of compromise.”

Nessus v6 offers the most comprehensive mobility support in the vulnerability management market, empowering organisations to address one of the fastest growing attack target segments and secure their mobile workforce. Integrating with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, Nessus v6 enables users to identify and scan all authorised devices as they connect to the network. It then goes a step further to detect traffic from unauthorised devices, so that security teams can identify risks and take immediate action.

Nessus v6 helps customers in all sectors enhance their cyber defenses by simplifying, automating and extending their active scanning capabilities. Protecting against advanced malware, Nessus v6 combines the direct scanning of endpoints for known malware with the ability to monitor network activity for indicators of compromise (IoCs) and other anomalous activity, which could indicate the presence of an advanced threat.

“Faced with sophisticated attacks that often take the path of least resistance, leveraging both known and unknown vulnerabilities, enterprises often feel they are constantly reacting against the threat of the day,” said Renaud Deraison, chief product officer, Tenable Network Security.  “Nessus v6 is designed to help them take back some control. The combined power of our leading scanning capabilities with the new antimalware, system hardening templates and mobility support empower users to identify the latest vulnerabilities, threats and risk across all vectors, so that they can better protect the entire organisation.”

Additional Nessus v6 features include a new Scan Policy Editor to easily fine-tune policies to match internal compliance standards, a brand new History tab for preserving and managing previous scan versions, and a RESTful API that makes it easy to integrate Nessus v6 into a wider variety and more dynamic IT landscape.

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